Adrian Dunbar thinks there could be a Line of Duty series 7

29 June 2022, 12:41

Line of Duty
Line of Duty's season 6 finished in 2021. Picture: Press/BBC/Line Of Duty
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The actor, who played Superintendent Ted Hastings in the hit BBC police drama believes there could be another season on the cards.

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Adrian Dunbar thinks there could be a seventh series of Line of Duty.

The 63-year-old actor starred as Superintendent Ted Hastings in the hit BBC police drama and he believes writer Jed Mercurio has something more in the pipeline.

Speaking on the Out for Lunch with Jay Rayner podcast, he said: "I think there will be something else, and he is a show-runner in the American sense, in that he’s across everything and we only have one writer - it’s him."

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Line of Duty was released episodically each week, which Dunbar admitted audiences probably thought was a thing of the past, but he's grateful by how the show and his character was embraced.

"We did something that people probably thought wasn’t going to happen again, which was people watching a programme live because of the twists and turns," he said.

Adrian then explained that since his star turn on the show he has felt "lucky" that audiences have embraced his character, because it can become "serious" when fans become invested in a television show.

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"I remember Cliff Parisi (who played Minty) in one point in EastEnders was doing something really nasty to somebody and we were walking down the street in Crouch End and someone went, 'Oi, you, leave her alone you b******.’

"And I thought, ‘God, this is serious the way people get involved in stuff.'

"So therefore I count myself lucky that most of the people I know like the character of Ted Hastings, love the series, so therefore when I am approached by the public, it’s usually with a big smile and, 'Oh my God it’s you, can we have a photograph and so forth.

"Having said that, I’ve just been to Majorca and I purposely booked myself into a place where there’s only Germans!"

Line of Duty | Series 6 Finale Trailer

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