Line of Duty 6 finale: Shows you should watch now it's over

3 May 2021, 00:13 | Updated: 5 May 2021, 14:21

Kelly Macdonald in Line of Duty
Line of Duty series 6 concludes on Sunday 2 May on BBC. Picture: BBC Press

By Jenny Mensah

Line of Duty series six has concluded, but now it's over what will we do? Take a look at some similar dramas you'll also be obsessed with.

It may be Bank Holiday Weekend but droves of Line of Duty fans will have tuned in this Sunday (2 May) to watch the conclusion to a nail-biting series six.

The BBC police drama, which follows the exploits of anti-crime police unit AC-12 and their never-ending search for "bent coppers," came to a dramatic close this weekend- no doubt leaving its die-hard fans thirsty for more.

So what do you watch once Line of Duty series six is over? Feast your eyes on some of the best crime series from the past few years.

If you like that, you'll definitely like this...

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What series can you watch like Line of Duty?

  1. Bodyguard

    Bodyguard: Trailer - BBC

    If you haven't watched Bodyguard already, then where have you been? This comes from the same writer behind Line of Duty (Jed Mercurio) and stars former LoD actress Keeley Hawes, alongside Richard Madden for an addictive thriller about the Home Secretary and her security staff.

  2. Unforgotten

    Unforgotten | Series 1 | ITV

    Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bahskar star in this series, which sees the pair go after cleverly crafted cold-case mysteries.

  3. The Night Of

    The Night Of - Trailer - Official HBO UK

    The Night Of, which stars Oscar nominated actor Riz Ahmed, sees a man charged with the murder of a woman who he wakes up to find stabbed in bed after a night of hard partying.

  4. The Killing

    The Killing - Season 1-3 | Series Trailer | Netflix

    An oldie, but a goodie; The Killing follows the events which surround the body of 17-year-old Rosie Larsen being found in a submerged car. A remake of the Danish original, The Killing will feed crime-lovers' desires for murder mystery, family dramas and throws in politics to boot.

  5. Giri/Haji

    The Legend Of Giri/Haji | BBC Trailers

    Giri/Haji, which stars Line Of Duty 6 alum Kelly Macdonald, sees a detective from Tokyo scour London for his missing brother, who is accused of murder and is involved with the deadly Japanese crime syndicate, the Yakuza.

  6. Ozark

    Ozark | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

    Netflix's Ozark sees a financial advisor (Jason Bateman) turn full on drug boss money launderer and drag his family to the sticks in a tourist town of the same name. Expect an excellent score, some cracking acting and shocking moments you genuinely don't see coming. Can anyone say season 3 finale?

  7. Luther


    Who doesn't love a bit of Luther? Our favourite cockney copper can be seen solving crimes in London, while having to escape the demons (and temptresses) of his past.

  8. Happy Valley

    Happy Valley | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

    Happy Valley takes a murder mystery, mixes it up with some Yorkshire charm and makes it utterly suspenseful viewing. The series, which stars Sarah Lancashire as Police Sergeant Catherine Cawood, manages to somehow house the elements of soap opera and crime thriller all in one. If you didn't watch this the first time around, now is the time.

  9. Bloodlands

    Bloodlands: Trailer | BBC Trailers

    Also from Jed Mercurio, Bloodlands sees James Nesbitt digging into a personal tragedy when an infamous killer nicknamed Goliath resurfaces in Northern Ireland two decades after his last killing.

  10. The Serpent

    The Serpent: Trailer | BBC Trailers

    The BBC series from 2021 tells the real-life story of Charles Sobhraj, a murderer who's hidden on Asia's hippie trail in the mid-70s.

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