Line of Duty's Martin Compston: There's "definitely scope" for a seventh season

3 March 2022, 11:26 | Updated: 3 March 2022, 16:51

Martin Compston - One more season of Line of Duty?

By Jenny Mensah

The Scottish actor, who plays Steve Arnott in the hit BBC series, told Chris Moyles why he thinks the show could come back for another instalment

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Martin Compston has shared his hopes for a seventh season of Line Of Duty.

The sixth season of the BBC police drama ended neatly, with the identity of 'H' finally revealed, but Compston has revealed there is "scope" for another.

Asked by Radio X's Chris Moyles if they could do another series, the Scottish actor - who plays DI Steve Arnott, replied: "We think so. Mate, I mean, look, I’m delighted with the response, in terms of people are now really intrigued to see if there is another one, but there's nothing changed for us in terms of where we're at after we finish a series.

"We always take, like, a year between at least…before we… the dust settles and Jed [Mercurio] figures out whether there's a story to tell. So I'm delighted that people are so excited and so desperate to find out but, as I say, this is what we've done after every series so we'll just wait and see what he thinks."

CM: But if Jed calls you up and goes “are you up for one more?”

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Martin Compston talks the possibility of Line of Duty 7
Martin Compston talks the possibility of Line of Duty 7. Picture: Radio X

Compston also explained that he'd love to film a season where he could hang out with his friends and castmates without having to socially distance from them.

"Look," he admitted. "It's not an excuse to kind of go and do a show just because you want a night out or whatever, but it's such a sociable show in terms of us, pals, and going out with crew and all that stuff.

"And we filmed the last one during COVID and all that and it was a tough shoot and kind of miserable, because we were one of the first jobs back and it was literally on set, nowhere near anybody, and then back to your flat.

The Vigil star added: "We couldn't even mix with each other. So I think for us, it wouldn't be nice to go out that way, we'd like to do one more with everybody and have it… but again that’s no reason to go… [...[ But, yeah, I think there’s definitely scope for it."

BBC's Line of Duty
BBC's Line of Duty cast would come back if they got the call. Picture: Press

Compston's comments come after his castmate Vicky McClure said they were "all game" for another instalment.

Though admitting she new nothing about a seventh season, she told The Guardian: "I think we’ve all been really honest and said should that happen, we’re all game."

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