Stranger Things' Joe Keery would love to take Djo project to Glastonbury and Coachella

6 March 2024, 19:30

Joe Keery wants to take Djo to Glastonbury and Coachella

By Jenny Mensah

The Stranger Things star spoke to Radio X's Dan O'Connell about End Of Beginning hit and his next ambitions for his Djo project.

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Joe Keery would love a spot performing at Glastonbury and Coachella.

The actor and musician is best known for playing Steve Harrington in Stranger Things, but he's also responsible for creating one of the biggest songs of the planet right now under his Djo moniker, thanks to its runaway TikTok success.

Keery's 'day job' playing Steve is almost set to come to an end, with the much-loved Netflix series' fifth and final season slated for release in 2025.

Asked if he thinks the end of the show will allow him more time create music he told Dan O'Connell on the Radio X Evening Show: "Definitely. Yeah and play some shows too is the idea, because - especially for [second album] Decide - we didn't really get to tour it.

"We played a couple shows here and there, but it's a big bucket list item for me to kind of fully realise these things I thought up in my bedroom that I really wanted to do visually on a big stage."

"So... although it will be sad the show ending," he admitted. "It will open up the schedule and will mean I can think about that a little bit more seriously."

Dan O'Connell then posed the idea of him playing a daytime set at Coachella 2025, to which he replied: "Oh, that sounds fantastic". When the Radio X DJ then floated the idea of a Djo set on Sunday afternoon at Glastonbury the same year, the End of Beginning singer added: "Oh you're spoiling me!"

Joe Keery talks to Dan O'Connell
Joe Keery talks to Dan O'Connell. Picture: Radio X/ Getty

Despite the release of Djo's sophomore album, Decide in 2022, the resurgence of his End of Beginning track and its stratospheric success has brought him to a whole new audience online.

The two-year-old song had already broken some eye watering streaming milestones and has now scored the actor-singer his first UK Top 5 single, but just as it's reached such dizzying heights, Keery is "pretty much" ready to release new music again.

Djo - End of Beginning (Official Lyric Video)

Asked about his plans for a third album, he confirmed: "Yeah I'm pretty much done recording it almost. Basically I stopped doing [Decider], it came out and then I pretty much started working on something straight away."

He went on: "I've been kind of cooking as this has been going on and now this song has popped and it's kinda at a funny time, because where I'm at with this next album is sort of already kind of set in stone. So it'll be interesting to see how this new stuff goes over given everything that's gone on."

Though he hasn't worked with a big producer for album number three as he believes working with his friends keeps the sound from getting "diluted," but when it comes to album number four, he wouldn't be against working with a big producer such.

Asked if he would like to work with someone such as Rick Rubin, who's known for producing seminal albums by everyone from Red Hot Chili Peppers to Jay Z, he said: "You know if Rick Rubin came a calling, I've read his book. I would definitely go hang out..."

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