We've been singing Blink 182's What's My Age Again wrong this whole time

21 February 2019, 14:44

Blink 182 in the official video for their 1999 single What's My Age Again?
Blink 182 in the official video for their 1999 single What's My Age Again? Picture: YouTube/ Blink 182

Mark Hoppus has blown fans' minds by referencing a commonly a misheard lyric on the punk pop band's famous 1999 single.

There are few pop-punk songs as famous and iconic as Blink 182's What's My Age Again?

The 1999 track, which was released in April 1999, saw the band - comprised of Tom DeLonge, Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker strip off in its iconic video.

All rock fans of a certain age probably think they know every lyric of the song, which tells the story of an immature male protagonist who takes his girlfriend out on a date.

But as it turns out, the first verse contains a common misheard lyric and most of us had no bloody clue!

It's commonly thought that the opening lyrics to the Hoppus and DeLonge-penned track are:

"I took her out, it was a Friday night/I walked alone to get the feeling right"

However, a tweet by Hoppus last weekend saw him allude to the famous song by writing: "Due to personal reasons I will be wearing cologne to get the feeling right."

His tweet led to his 2.85 million followers on Twitter replying to correct him or reveal they'd also misheard the lyrics all those years ago:

After causing the commotion online, Hoppus added jokingly: "Science fact: if you thought the lyrics were “I WALK ALONE to get the feeling right,” you are a Fake Fan".

Many of his fans still weren't having it though, with many adamant almost everyone misheard the lyric while others accused the band of mumbling their words.

Did you know the correct lyrics to the start Blink 182's What My Age Again? Let us know below:

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