VIDEO: Happy Mondays' Shaun Ryder reveals medical hair loss, hip surgery and botox

17 July 2019, 13:14 | Updated: 17 July 2019, 13:28

The Madchester legend revealed on The Chris Moyles Show that he's suffering from alopecia and that he recently underwent hip surgery.

Shaun Ryder has opened up about his unexplained alopecia and recent hip surgery.

The Happy Mondays frontman has been sporting short hair for many years, but appeared on The Chris Moyles Show this morning with a noticeably more hairless look.

Asked by the Radio X DJ about the new look, the Step On legend revealed: "What they don't know is what is the deal, because I've got the thyroid. I've got an under-active thyroid. I don't produce testosterone."

Watch our interview with the Madchester legend, where he also discusses his hip surgery and getting botox, above.

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Happy Mondays Shaun Ryder reveals medical hair loss and hip surgery
Happy Mondays Shaun Ryder reveals medical hair loss and hip surgery. Picture: Radio X

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He added: "And when [the hair] first went, it's like - I've got no eyelashes, no eyebrows, no pubic hair, no leg hair, no armpit hair, everything gone.

"And at first they thought it's going to be the testosterone or it's going to be the thyroid. Well it isn't, because in the thyroid it comes out in clumps, right. Now mine's an alopecia thing and it's just gone. And another thing is it's not stress related."

The Black Grape singer, who has a largely vegan diet, also revealed he recently underwent hip surgery, and joked: "I woke up just feeling fantastic. Such a buzz! I wanna go for more operations."

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