Shaun Ryder says he's still visited by aliens

11 February 2021, 14:45 | Updated: 11 February 2021, 14:52

Black Grape frontman Shaun Ryder performs In London in 2018
Shaun Ryder says he's still visited by aliens . Picture: Pezzali/NurPhoto via Getty Images

The Happy Mondays and Black Grape frontman has talked about the extra terrestrial creatures and suggested they keep visiting his home.

Shaun Ryder believes he still gets visited by aliens.

The Happy Mondays and Black Grape frontman - whose 2013 series, Shaun Ryder On UFOs, saw him travel around the world in search of the truth about the objects - insisted his home is still being invaded by extraterrestrial beings.

“I don’t go spotting for it, it just f****** ­appears, he told the Daily Star's Wired column. "Once these things are on you they make you sound like a t*** because they keep appearing in front of you and coming around where you are.

“Obviously, I have to say ­something and then everyone thinks I’m a **** cos I’m off me f****** napper.

“It is how it is, they’re f****** here – they were here ­before us, probably.”

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Speaking back in 2019, the Step On singer recalled one of his visitations, saying: "I wake up one morning and there’s this thing that looks like a spider that’s moving across the windowsill and it’s got, like, red lights going across its back and it’s got six legs, sort of like a spider.

“It was hand size, five or six inches long, and makes absolutely no noise whatsoever.

“Then it goes to where the window is and then an aerial goes up and it goes up to where the window is open and then it changes shape and dives off and then as it’s moving out it completely disappeared.

“This sounds like I’m making it all up and it’s all a load of b******s but it’s not.”

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