Fatboy Slim regrets meeting David Bowie

25 January 2023, 13:38

Fatboy Slim and David Bowie
Fatboy Slim has talked about his encounter with David Bowie. Picture: 1. Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Coachella 2. Theo Wargo/WireImage/Getty

By Jenny Mensah

The Brighton DJ has recalled the time he met the icon and said while he was "perfectly civil" he wasn't as chatty as he'd hoped.

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Fatboy Slim has said he regrets meeting the late David Bowie.

According to The Argus, the DJ took part in an interview with Kevin Bishop at Brighton Beach House where he spoke candidly about everything from his decision to go sober to his past regrets.

Asked if he feels people should meet their heroes, he responded: "Umm. Most of them."

Quizzed if there's any one he'd actually wished he'd never met, the Praise You DJ revealed: "It's David Bowie," which provoked gasps in the crowd.

The DJ - whose real name is Norman Cook - went on to describe the event, which occurred after he'd played at a private show held by Bowie as a warm up for his tour.

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“I had had a few drinks, by the way," he told the crowd, before explaining that he reached out to Bowie at the afterparty and asked him for a cigarette as a fellow "Bromley boy," since he also has connections to the area.

According to Norman Cook, “One Bromley boy, to another can I have a fag off you?” According to Cook, the Ziggy Stardust icon looked at him blankly and handed him a cigarette.

When he said: “I’m Fatboy Slim, by the way,” Bowie apparently responded with: "yeah, I know" before continuing his conversation with someone else.

Though the Right Here, Right Now star admits that Bowie was "perfectly civil" he admits he was "just deflated" because the icon seemed "unimpressed".

He added: “Most of the people who you love are lovely really and the bigger they are the lovelier they tend to be, they don’t need to prove their ego or that they’re cleverer than you.

"The big ones are just really nice people."

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