Fatboy Slim reacts to unexpected 60-year-old fan on First Dates

13 October 2020, 15:04 | Updated: 13 October 2020, 15:16

Fatboy Slim reacts to 60-year-old fan on First Dates

The DJ has responded to an episode of the The Channel 4 dating show in which Andrew cited him as one of his favourite artists.

Fatboy Slim has shared his fitting response to a First Dates episode where he was name-dropped.

Audiences were ticked by the Channel 4 dating show last week when sexagenarians Andrew and Meyrl met for a blind date and the topic of music came up.

Much to her surprise, when Meryl asked what her date liked listening to, Andrew replied: "Fatboy Slim."

Watch the moment above.

Sharing a clip on his own social media platforms, the Praise You star simply wrote: "First dates. My core audience".

Fatboy Slim reacts to 60-year-old fan on First Dates
Fatboy Slim reacts to 60-year-old fan on First Dates. Picture: 1. Martin Philbey/Redferns/Getty Images 2. Channel 4's First Dates

However, a few fans quite rightly mentioned that the couple were only their 60s, while Fatboy Slim - whose real name is Norman Cook isn't too far behind at 57.

Less fans were shocked about Andrew's admission, as Lynn wrote on Fatboy Slim's Facebook page: "I had a lovely chat at Boomtown Fair last year with some young people about FBS and other DJ's and bands. They were genuinely surprised by my taste in music, they couldn't get their minds around the concept that I'm early 50's but still go out raving etc. I blame the parents"

Either way, everyone was loving the name check AND the DJs response with, one writing in the comments section: "That’s class!! Literally everyone loves a bit of fatboy slim", while another said: "Honestly made my day!"

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First Dates isn't the only Channel 4 program to grab the attention of a global musician lately.

The Great British Bake Off caught the eye of none other than former Blink 182 rocker Tom DeLonge, who reacted after a hilarious cake was made in his likeness... sort of.

Contestants were tasked with creating busts of their heroes in the first showstopper challenge and the likes of David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, Bob Marley and the All The Small Things singer were honoured.

However, more than a few fans were startled over the appearance of the confectionary DeLonge. So much so it got back to the rocker who got in on the banter.

Sharing the image of his confectionary representation, the rocker joked: "When I was younger, and needed the money, I did a few hundred adult films. This looks EXACTLY like me at the time. EXACTLY. #Cake".

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