Couple win Glastonbury tickets in Willy Wonka style competition

26 April 2023, 14:18 | Updated: 27 April 2023, 12:00

Glastonbury Pyramid Stage and the limited edition Tony's chocolates
Glastonbury Pyramid Stage and the limited edition Tony's chocolates. Picture: 1. Matt Cardy/Getty Images 2. Twitter/Oxfam UK

By Jenny Mensah

Watch the moment a lucky couple found a winning ticket in a Tony's Chocolonely chocolate bar.

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A couple have appeared to find the first Glastonbury 2023 tickets in a Tony's Chocolonely bar.

The festival joined forces with the chocolate brand for the Willy Wonka-inspired competition, which placed special limited edition chocolate bars in Oxfam stores across the country.

Now, it looks like two wannabe festival-goers have become the first to win a coveted prize, sharing the moment they opened their chocolate to find they had indeed got a golden ticket.

In the video, uploaded by Jovi Bunce, a woman can be seen kissing the chocolate bar for good luck, before opening to reveal what was inside.

The man behind the camera then jumps up and screams "no way" and does a lap in his living room before showing that wrapper which revealed they'd won tickets to the festival.

Watch the moment below:

"How I Won Glastonbury Tickets in a Willy Wonka-Style Golden Ticket Competition"

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The news comes after general admission tickets in the Glastonbury resales sold out in just six minutes last Sunday (23rd April).

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However, if you're feeling lucky, there are still chances to be at the Somerset Festival, which takes place from 21st - 25th June this year.

Just this week, National Express teamed up with Glastonbury to give away two tickets to the festival as well as coach tickets to get them there and back.

Glasto will see Pyramid Stage headliners in Arctic Monkeys, Guns N' Roses and Elton John.

Also joining them on the line-up are the likes of Lana Del Rey, Royal Blood, Lizzo and more, with many more artists scheduled to appear across the weekend.

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