Glastonbury Tickets 2022: The best tips and tricks on how to buy them

26 March 2022, 19:00

The last time Glastonbury was held was in June 2019
The last time Glastonbury was held was in June 2019. Picture: WENN Rights Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo

As general admission tickets for Glastonbury 2022 go on resale this Sunday, let Radio X's top tips help you nab those elusive spaces.

By Jenny Mensah

Every year, thousands of music-lovers whip themselves into a frenzy in an attempt to purchase tickets to the greatest music event in the world: Glastonbury Festival.

2022 marks the first time the festival has been held in three years, with Paul McCartney, Billie Eilish and Kendrick Lamar all headlining the event, which takes place between 22nd and 26th June.

The final chance to get tickets to the 2022 festival is on Sunday 27th March at 9am. This is the final resale of unclaimed tickets and if you're not successful this time... you're not going.

Buying tickets is an undertaking which fills even the most seasoned veterans of the Somerset festival with dread- especially because they always seem to be gone in a matter of minutes.

However, it doesn't need to be a totally lost cause.

Because we feel everyone should get the chance to sample the mud and the madness at Worthy Farm, we’ve put together a list of tips to help you nab yourself some tickets to the biggest party on earth!

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Get our top tips and tricks for getting a Glastonbury 2022 ticket below:

Glastonbury's nightlife is legendary
Glastonbury's nightlife is legendary. Picture: Charlie Raven / Alamy Stock Photo
  1. Make sure you're registered

    Nobody can buy a ticket without having a unique registration number which comes with your photo ID, so if you haven't registered already, we're afraid you've already fallen at the first hurdle. Registration closed on Monday 21st March.

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  2. Know your dates

    Fans have the chance to buy tickets to Glastonbury four times a year.

    The FINAL General Admission tickets go on sale on Sunday 27th March from 9am (BST).


  3. Take it very seriously

    Sure, there are more important things in the world. But in those 30 to 45 minutes before the words “Tickets Unavailable” start appearing, you should act as if it’s the last hour before your dissertation is due or as if you're a few minutes away from walking into the interview for your dream job.

    Talk to your friends, make a strategic plan, and most importantly…

  4. Don't be hungover!

    As with most years, general admission tickets go on sale on a Sunday morning. That means there’s a good chance you were toasting the weekend the night before.

    Get to bed early, then get up early – fresh as a daisy. Just think about all the time you’ll have at Glasto to be hungover... IF you get tickets.

    And if you go for coach tickets, don't go for a swift half in the pub first. You need 100% focus and attention.

    Will you be basking in the Glastonbury sunshine this year?
    Will you be basking in the Glastonbury sunshine this year? Picture: Jamaway / Stockimo / Alamy Stock Photo
  5. Work as a team and form a syndicate

    In the general admission resale on Sunday 27th March each person can purchase up to 4 tickets per transaction. You will only be able to book one ticket per registration. .

    That means you can have a solid force of 3 units other than yourself constantly eyeing up that browser. They don’t even need to be people you plan on camping with.

    Everyone on earth has a colleague who’s said “Ha, yeah man I’m totally going to try and get Glasto tickets this year! I hear Taylor Swift's going to headline!”

    Now... you may not particularly want to hang out with this person, but you can use them to your advantage.

    Create a google doc, create a spreadsheet and get VERY familiar with it.

  6. Copy and paste in details

    Once you’ve got your elite crew of razor sharp buddies together, make sure you prepare yourselves. EXCHANGE DETAILS PROPERLY!

    To buy tickets, all you need is everyone's full name, Glastonbury reference number, postcode and your credit card details.

    Make sure you copy and paste them in. DO NOT rely on handwritten notes or typed text messages.

    Set up a Facebook group or Whatsapp thread to communicate over and DEAR LORD double check for typos.

    The last thing you want is to get through and fill in your details only to see: "Sorry, that reference number is not registered."

  7. Triple check your card details

    If you're lucky enough to make it through, you automatically become the lead booker and therefore you'll need to have your card details at hand.

    Make sure you enter these details EXACTLY as you see them because if you don't you could fall foul of being frozen out of the system.

    In past years, a wrong letter or number could mean everyone's registration details are frozen for UP TO 10 MINUTES.

  8. Use a work computer (if it's out of hours)

    No matter how great you think your home fibre optic connection is, it’s probably not as good as your Internet at work. Plus, just think, Sunday morning? Who’s going to be around? (Unless you work at Starbucks or a church).

    All that delicious, powerful internet will be solely yours.

    Disclaimer: Radio X takes no responsibility for you getting fired for misusing work property.

  9. Attack from all angles

    Remember the days when you used to have to phone someone in order to buy tickets to gigs? They truly were dark times.

    But now that we’re all online and would rather email, text, WhatsApp, Facebook message or DM rather than actually speak to someone, people forget about the phones.

    While you’re frantically waiting for your webpage to refresh, keep calm and if you can... CALL.

    And while we’re on the topic…

    Often your tablet has a slicker internet connection because it isn't crammed with as much rubbish as the laptop you bought back 2006.

    So there's no harm in charming that.


    Glastonbury has explicitly asked people not to use multiple devices, saying: "running multiple devices simultaneously to attempt to access the website is a waste of valuable resources, and doesn’t reflect the ethos of the Festival."

    It might not reflect the ethos of Glastonbury, Festival but they've not said it doesn't work, so make of it what you will.

  10. REFRESH! REFRESH! But not too much...

    If you get through to the ticket page stage where the message appears “you’re currently in a queue, this page will keep refreshing automatically” then you’re halfway there.

    BUT before that, just keep banging it.

    TIP: double check which keystroke does a "hard refresh" on your browser in advance. Each browser is different. A hard refresh clears cookies, meaning you're seeing a brand new version of the page, rather than one that's held in your browser locally.

    Glastonbury returns to Worthy Farm between 22nd and 26th June 2022
    Glastonbury returns to Worthy Farm between 22nd and 26th June 2022. Picture: Alamy Stock Photo
  11. Have a BACK SPACE in your back pocket

    Up until this point you've been in refresh mode, but once you get onto the booking page you have to be VERY careful what you do next.

    Some times the booking pages freeze or "hangs" and in this instance Glastonbury has advised to "try pressing back once and then continue your booking from that point."

  12. Know when to close your browser and start again

    Now, we wouldn't recommend you EVER just close your browser when you're in the process of getting onto the Glastonbury booking page, but according to organisers on their info page from 2020:

    "Please don’t continue to refresh the page more than 10 minutes after entering your details as your access to the page will have expired. You will need to close the browser and start again to gain fresh access to the booking page."

    That means... don't just stand there looking at your booking screen after 10 minutes. Every second counts, so as painful as it feels to do it... cut your losses and start again.

  13. Set See Tickets As Your Homepage

    Every year, Glastonbury partners up with to sell the tickets.

    Instead of mucking about trying to just get onto the site at 6pm or 9am, set as your home page.

    So when you open a webpage, BOOM Glastonbury is there. But do bear in mind…

  14. Have multiple browsers if you must NOT multiple tabs

    Now, your brain will be saying “JUST OPEN MORE TABS!” when panic sets in. Resist.

    Unless you’re trying to purchase tickets on a NASA supercomputer, then chances are your laptop can only process so much information at once. Plus, if you have 30 tabs open you can't keep track of them anyway.

    If you want more than one view of the page, use multiple browsers NOT tabs, as tabs tend to share the same information and could lead to booking clashes.

    The Glastonbury website advises in its basic ticket information: "Attempting to book tickets online using multiple browser tabs can confuse the ticket sales process and cause your transaction to fail.

    "We strongly advise that you use just one browser tab when trying to book tickets, in order to avoid possible problems with your transaction."

  15. Have enough money in your account… Obviously

    Don’t worry, we’re not criticising your intelligence or capabilities with managing your accounts. But in this age where we all have eight different accounts and credit cards and ISAs, sometimes it’s easy to lose track.

    Tickets cost £280 + £5 booking per person. Secure delivery of general admission tickets is £9.30 postage per order.

    Expect to pay this amount IN FULL.

  16. Don't give up!

    Look, Glastonbury does sell out quickly. It’s true.

    But have faith - keep going until the page tells you to stop. Remain focused. Keep calm and carry on and do not stop until you see that final message from the festival's Twitter.


Hopefully if you've read all these tips, you could be one step closer to the front gates of Glastonbury festival, which is otherwise known as your spiritual home for five glorious days!