Glastonbury 2024: When do local & Sunday tickets go on sale?

26 November 2023, 08:00

Glastonbury Festival Pyramid Stage 2023
Glastonbury Festival Pyramid Stage 2023. Picture: Jim Dyson/Redferns

By Jenny Mensah

There is another chance to buy tickets for the festival if you're a resident of the local area surrounding the Somerset festival. Find out when the sales take place and how to buy tickets.

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Glastonbury tickets went on sale last week and sold out as quickly as ever, but there's still another sale to take place this year.

As with previous years, residents of the inner and outer zones surrounding Pilton have their own chance to get tickets, which includes the chance to buy tickets just for the Sunday.

As the Glastonbury festival website states: "Michael Eavis has once again held back a number of full weekend tickets for local people as a second chance for those residents who were unsuccessful in the coach and general admission ticket sales (16th and 19th November 2023 respectively) to book tickets."

However, there's a time for each zone and a limit to what they can buy, so it's important to identify which zone you live in and when your sale takes place.

So when do Glasto local tickets go on sale, what's the criteria and how many can you buy? Find out everything you need to know about the Glastonbury local sales below.

When do Glastonbury 2024 local tickets go on sale?

  • As stated on the official Glastonbury website, Full weekend and Sunday tickets for local residents go on sale from Sunday 26th November from 9am. See the breakdown of times and type of ticket for each area:

*Residents who are eligible for village tickets will be contactable for the new year

See a map of the areas below:

Glastonbury Festival local zones map
Glastonbury Festival local zones map. Picture: Glastonbury Festival

See the breakdown areas in more details below:

  • Permanent full time residents living and registered in the following towns and villages within the inner zone are eligible to book tickets from 9am: Doulting, East Pennard, Glastonbury, North Wootton, Pilton, Pylle, Shepton Mallet, West Bradley, West Pennard.
  • Permanent full time residents living and registered in the following towns and villages within the outer zone are eligible to book tickets from 10am: Alford, Allhampton, Ansford, Ashcott, Ashwick, Baltonsborough, Barton St David, Binegar, Butleigh, Castle Cary, Coleford, Cranmore, Dinder, Ditcheat, Emborough, Evercreech, Holcombe, Leigh-upon-Mendip, Lovington, Lydford, Oakhill, Stoke St Michael, Street, Walton, Wells, plus residents of the inner zone.

Read the full information about local tickets on the Glastonbury website.

How many local Glastonbury tickets can you buy?

For the local sale of weekend tickets, you can book up to 4 tickets per transaction - but all people you are booking for must be permanent members registered within the local catchment area at the time the deposit and balance payments are made.

For the Sunday dat tickets, the same applies but you may purchase up to 6 tickets per transaction.

Read the full information about local tickets on the Glastonbury website.

How do you get day tickets for Glastonbury?

Glastonbury allows the sale of Sunday tickets for residents of Mendip and Central Somerset and the sale takes place on Sunday 26th November from 11am. However, the condition is that these tickets must be purchased with a bus ticket.

The ticket price is £130 and includes travel by bus to and from the site from the following local towns: Castle Cary, Frome, Radstock, Glastonbury, Midsomer Norton, Shepton Mallet, Street and Wells.

Can you pay a deposit for local Glastonbury tickets?

Yes. The local ticket sale allows local residents to take advantage of the Festival’s ticket deposit scheme for weekend tickets, meaning only a deposit of £75 per ticket will be payable in the local ticket sale, with the balance payable 1st-7th April.

Read the full information about local tickets on the Glastonbury website.

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When does Glastonbury Festival 2024 take place?

According to their official website, Glastonbury 2024 will take place from the 26th to the 30th June 2024.