Sam Fender tells school snobs to "f*** off" when they ask him to play their weddings

21 March 2022, 13:19

Sam Fender
Sam Fender takes delight in rejecting his old snobbish college classmates. Picture: Press

By Jenny Mensah

The Seventeen Going Under singer has recalled how he used to sit corner of his common room dubbed "peasants corner".

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Sam Fender takes pleasure in rejecting requests to play the weddings of his former college snobs.

The Geordie singer-songwriter, who hails from North Shields, has experienced huge success, with two number one UK albums and two BRIT Awards under his belt.

Now, the Seventeen Going Under singer has revealed he was teased for being a "peasant" at college, but gets his own back when he's contacted by former classmates.

Speaking to The Sunday Times Culture Magazine, he said: "There was a corner of the common room that they used to call peasants’ corner, and that’s where I used to sit.

“But they’re all asking us to play their weddings now. And I subsequently tell them all to f*** off. It’s wonderful.”

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Fender also opened up about being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness at 20 and revealed it spurred him on to release his debut.

"I was, like, ‘Well, that’s great —my music’s failed and I’m probably going to die.'" recalled the Play God singer.

"[I thought] If I’m going to potentially die young, then I’m going to release an album that actually means something before that.”

He added: “And now I’ve released two albums that I like. Well, one that’s alreet, and one that’s f****** good."

The 27-year-old made an unexpected recovery and has now described himself in "near remission" and able to lead a "completely normal" life.

Though he has to take medication and undergo regular testing, Fender isn't keen to reveal his condition, as he doesn't want that to dominate his story.

He said: "It'll just become the story of everything I do".

"I should probably look after myself a bit more. But I’m in my twenties and I just want to live like I’m in my twenties."

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