Patrice Evra trolls Noel & Liam Gallagher over Man City's Champions League defeat

1 June 2021, 10:50 | Updated: 1 June 2021, 16:49

Noel and Liam Gallagher with image of ex footballer Patrice Evra inset
Noel and Liam Gallagher with image of ex footballer Patrice Evra inset. Picture: 1. Brian Rasic/Getty Images 2. Twitter/Patrice Evra

By Jenny Mensah

The French football coach and former Man United player has teased the Oasis brothers by reworking their Wonderwall hit as a dig on their club's defeat.

Patrice Evra has gone viral after goading Liam and Noel Gallagher and their beloved Man City.

The Oasis legends' beloved team lost out on a Champions League title to Chelsea, which no doubt made their life-long rivals Man United smile.

Though he's retired from the game, former United player Evra has continued to show his love for his team with his cheeky sense of humour and social media updates.

This weekend, which saw Man City lose 1-0 to Chelsea, prompted the Frenchman to create his own version of Wonderwall, changing the words to mock Man City and their two most famous supporters.

Watch his video, which sees him wearing round glasses and a wig as he sings: "Maybe/You're going to win it when I'm ninety/And after all/You're my noisy neighbour".

After his version he even addressed the brothers' himself, saying: "Liam! Where are you? You remember when you were laughing at me when United lost? Now it's your turn. Don't be jealous."

He added: "This is a special Monday for you Liam and stop saying Manchester is blue. I've got more trophies than your entire club."

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It's not clear whether Liam and Noel have seen the cheeky rendition, but Liam has definitely taken his team's loss and the subsequent ribbing to heart.

Taking to Twitter this morning (1 June), the original Wonderwall singer wrote: "My mam once told me if you haven’t got anything nice to say don’t say anything at all CTID LG x".

Many followers rushed to point out that Gallagher loves a little tease when his rivals lose.

One wrote: "Funny that, my mum once told me if you can’t take it don’t give it out."

Another offered consolation, however, writing: "City have nothing to apologise for , it was a great final . 2 great sides who could conquer Europe and premiership for years to come".

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The Manchester siblings might be annoyed by Evra's trolling, but with any luck they won't be too bothered about his version of their 1995 hit as according to Noel...they didn't much like it anyway.

Speaking to MOJO magazine noel revealed of his estranged brother: "He hated Wonderwall. He said it was trip-hop. There speaks a man who’s never heard trip-hop."

However, later Noel even admitted it was one of his least favourite songs.

Asked why he thinks the anthem was the first 1990s song to hit one billion streams, he told the outler: "I have no idea. It beggars belief.

"Wonderwall is one of my least favourite songs because it’s not finished. If I could somehow twist time and go back there, I’d probably pick a different song for our calling card. Probably Some Might Say."

He added: “I don’t like any of the recordings on Morning Glory. It’s the only album we never did demos for.

“I was writing on tour and I’d planned on finishing the songs when I got to the studio and we just never got around to it."

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