Mumford And Sons did something unusual on their new album

22 November 2018, 21:20 | Updated: 18 December 2018, 14:42

The band have been telling Radio X about the making of their fourth album Delta.

Mumford And Sons have just released their fourth studio album, Delta - and they’ve been telling Radio X’s John Kennedy that they took a new approach to recording with producer Paul Epworth.

Winston Marshall reveals that the songs for Delta were written nearly three years ago, following the release of their acclaimed album Wilder Mind.

He told John that inspiration for a new way of recording the album came out of the blue:

“Someone had this epiphany that we should try and use these old instruments,” he revealed, “but for them not to sound like the instruments that they actually are. That got us really excited because it meant there was whole new ground to explore.”

This meant going back to the folk instruments that had made Mumford’s name back in the days of Sigh No More in 2009, and with American singer-songwriters Maggie Rogers and Gill Landry on board, the result was something of a challenge.

The record was produced by Epworth at his studio The Church in London - and his previous clients include Paul McCartney, U2, Florence And The Machine and Adele.

Winston continues: “Paul completely bought into it - and naturally as well. I don't even think it was a conversation, it was just his instinct.

“I don't think there's too much thought when it comes to writing, necessarily, but but with treatment of the songs, there's quite a lot of thought. That was the kind of great challenge with this album.”

Delta may see Mumford And Sons play old instruments in a new way, but can they get a tune out of some kids’ toy instruments? Watch as Radio X sets them the challenge…

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