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Dominic Byrne gets mocked by Toby Tarrant for using massage machines at service stations on The Chris Moyles Show

VIDEO: Toby Tarrant lays into Dom for his service station massage confession

Toby can't get over this pelvic scan that looks like a dog

VIDEO: Toby Tarrant can't get over this dog-themed pelvic scan

Toby Tarrant reacts to Crufts 2020 Best In Show winner Maisie's lap of victory

VIDEO: Toby Tarrant talks Crufts Best in Show winner Maisie doing a poo on her lap of victory

Toby Tarrant is shocked over Polly James' baby shower cake

WATCH: Toby Tarrant can't get over Polly James' graphic baby shower cake

Toby loses to it Pippa's impression of Lorraine Kelly

Toby loses it at Pippa's Lorraine Kelly impression

James explains why he's a long way off from Boyfriend of The Year

VIDEO: James is not winning a Boyfriend of the Year Award any time soon

Gerry Cinnamon with Lorraine Kelly inset

VIDEO: Lorraine Kelly recites Gerry Cinnamon's Canter

Toby gets a birthday surprise from his house pig Paprika

VIDEO: Toby gets birthday surprise from Paprika the pet pig

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