Liam Gallagher suffers from arthritis in his hips, but says acupuncture treatment is "rock 'n' roll"

3 June 2019, 18:05 | Updated: 3 June 2019, 18:21

The former Oasis rocker has revealed he suffers with joint pain, which is being treated with acupuncture.

Liam Gallagher has revealed he has arthritis.

The former Oasis frontman has taken part in a new interview, where he has explained he suffers from the painful condition in his hips, which also causes pain in his calves.

Speaking to Q Magazine, the Wall of Glass singer revealed that doctors have told him to cut down on his runs, but he's opted to see an acupuncturist to relieve his aches and pains instead.

"This geezer is proper, he said, "Gets the needles and whacks them in. He sorts it out, but obviously it keeps coming back."

Asked if he'd ever considered complimentary therapies like yoga or pilates, Gallagher said: "No. What's next?"

"Veganism? It's all downhill from yoga. It goes yoga, then veganism, then you're suddenly making crap disco records that sound like Leo Sayer".

"Acupuncture is alright because at least it’s needles. I can convince myself it's still a bit rock 'n' roll."

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Meanwhile, new documentary Liam Gallagher: As It Was will celebrate world premiere this week.

The film will be screened at London Alexandra Palace, and will include a special performance from the man himself.

See the official trailer for As It Was below:

As stated in the film's synopsis: "As It Was tells the honest and emotional story of how one of the most electrifying rock’n’roll frontmen went from the dizzying heights of his champagne supernova years in Oasis to living on the edge, ostracised and lost in the musical wilderness of booze, notoriety and bitter legal battles.

"Starting again alone, stripped bare and with nowhere to hide, Liam risks everything to make the greatest comeback of all time."

The following day on Friday 8 June, Gallagher will release his Shockwave single, which is the first track to be taken from his brand new album Why Me? Why Not.

See the artwork for Shockwave below:

The artwork for Liam Gallagher's Shockwave single
The artwork for Liam Gallagher's Shockwave single. Picture: Press

Shockwave is now available to pre-order or pre-save from

“I’m buzzing,” Liam Gallagher said of the news. “Buzzing to be alive, buzzing to be making tunes, raring to go. It’s nice to be back with some new music because it means I can get out there, play some gigs and give some people some stick because that is what I do. Let’s face it, it’s boring without me.”

Why Me? Why Not. follow's 2017's As You Were album, which spawned the likes of Wall of Glass, Paper Crown and For What It's Worth.

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