Liam Gallagher says Noel is "up there" with the best songwriters in the world

29 March 2023, 16:31 | Updated: 29 March 2023, 16:38

Liam Gallagher and Noel Gallagher inset
Liam Gallagher has praised his brother Noel Gallagher's . Picture: 1. Jaime Nogales/Medios y Media/Getty Images 2. Matt Crockett/ Press

By Jenny Mensah

The former Oasis frontman has praised his brother and former bandmate for his songwriting skills.

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Liam Gallagher has appeared to praise his brother's writing abilities.

Former Oasis guitarist and chief songwriter, Noel, is known for penning some of the most popular songs of the Britpop era and his estranged brother has recognised his talent.

When asked on Twitter if he thought his brother and former bandmate was one of the best songwriters in the world, Liam replied: "He’s up there".

It's not the first time Liam has praised his brother of late, returning to the social media platform to dub his latest single Dead To The World as "beautiful".

Taking to Twitter, the Everything's Electric singer wrote: "How can such a mean spirited little man write such a beautiful song knowing ME knowing YOU as you were LG x".

When a fan asked if it was a compliment or a criticism, he replied: "It was both is that alright with you".

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Liam's latest comments come amidst plenty of back and forth between the brothers, making fans more hopeful of an Oasis reunion than ever.

It all started when Liam responded to a fan who asked about the chances of the Manchester band getting back together, writing: "It's happening".

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Then, much to everyone's surprise, Noel gave an interview with a French outlet, Radio France where he addressed the tweet first hand and even said his brother was welcome to call him.

"There's something in the papers back in England today," he said speaking of his brother's tweet. "You know... but he should get his people to call my people to call my people. They know who they are. They know where we are.

"Stop talking on the f***ing internet and let's see what you've got to say."

Despite leaving the ball firmly in Liam's court when it comes to making contact, Noel believes that his younger brother will do no such thing.

Asked if it was only a question of a phone call, the Pretty Boy rocker replied: "You would think, right? He's got my number. He's got my manager's number. Call us. But you know what? He won't call."

When asked why, he simply replied: "Why indeed. Why indeed."

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