The truth about the Gorillaz song DARE

30 August 2021, 15:00 | Updated: 10 May 2022, 16:13

Shaun Ryder explains the story of Gorillaz Dare

The Shaun Ryder-sung single is a firm fave with fans of the animated band, but did you know this bit of trivia about its title?

Gorillaz released their Demon Days album on 11 May 2005.

The second studio album from Blur man Damon Albarn and co famously includes the tracks Feel Good Inc, Dirty Harry and Dare featuring Happy Mondays' legend Shaun Ryder.

The latter's song and its lyrics are pretty synonymous with the animated band, but do you know this fact about what the title should have been? Find out here.

Gorillaz - DARE (Official Video)

It turns out that Dare began its life when Shaun Ryder listened the song's instrumentals and was simply describing the levels being "there". Due to how the Manchester legend pronounced the word, the song soon evolved to become "DARE" instead.

The Step On singer told Chris Moyles back in 2017: "So my story is, Damon gets on the beat and he gets the tune going, and I go in and I'm trying to get the cans to get in me ears and go, 'It's going up, It's going up, It's going up,' and then go 'It's THERE!"

Watch our throwback interview with him here:

Gorillaz - Demon Days album artwork
Gorillaz - Demon Days album artwork. Picture: Press/Jamie Hewlett

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