DMA'S want to play "epic" Glastonbury again

31 March 2023, 20:26

DMA'S talk new album How Many Dreams?

The Aussie outfit have shared their memories of getting stuck in the mud at the Somerset festival.

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DMA'S want to return to Glastonbury Festival.

The Australian trio - made up of frontman Tommy O'Dell, guitarist and songsmith Johnny Took and lead guitarist Matt Mason - previously played the festival as a Thursday act, but said it would be "epic" to return.

Quizzed on whether they'd be appearing at the festival this year, frontman O'Dell told Radio X's Dan O'Connell: "We played it once before and we got stuck in the mud".

"Yeah, we were like the secret act or whatever they do on the Thursday," added Took. "And we were coming in and our tour manager bought us gum boots (Wellington boots)."

Lead drummer Matt Mason laughed: "We thought it was going to be this iconic experience and we were pushing our sprinter van in the mud with these Wellingtons on and we were like, 'Let's get the F out of here".

"It'd be epic to play it again,"added O'Dell.

DMA'S and Glastonbury Festival's Pyramid Stage
DMA'S have recalled their first experience at Glastonbury Festival. Picture: 1. Press 2. Matt Cardy/Getty Images

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The band released their fourth studio album How Many Dreams? this week and talked about its being their most electronic offering yet.

Asked if they've always loved dance music, Took replied: "That was late for me. The first time I really understood dance music is when were were playing Lowlands (Festival) and we got to stick around and there was like 40,000 Dutch people who were listening to Underworld.

"I just remember going, 'Oh my god' and it just clicked at that point."

O'Dell countered: "I've been into dance music for a long time because I played drums and that was my first instrument, so I listened to a lot of electronic stuff.

"I remembered when I first started getting into music festivals it was always dance festivals and I guess that's how the DMA'S work. It's all our influences mixed together. I guess that's what's created our sound."

"Even though we have incorporated more dancey elements into this record, I would still call it a modern rock record," interjected Took. "And that's one of the differences of a modern rock record today. It's got those kind of modern techniques they used to make it."

Listen to DMA'S How Many Dreams? album now:

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