WATCH: The first Gavin and Stacey Christmas special sneak peek has been released

30 November 2019, 22:00 | Updated: 30 November 2019, 22:01

A first look at the much anticipated one-off episode, starring Mat Horne, Joanna Page, Ruth Jones, James Corden & Rob Brydon has been released.

Gavin and Stacey fans have been given a first glimpse at the Christmas Special.

The hit show, which will see a new episode aired for the first time in 10 years, has shared its first look - focusing on its much-loved Welsh characters.

Watch the teaser above, which sees Bryn (Rob Brydon) - struggling with the Christmas dinner as Stacey (Joanna Page), and Nessa (Ruth Jones) look on.

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The first sneak peek of the Gavin and Stacey Christmas Special has been released
The first sneak peek of the Gavin and Stacey Christmas Special has been released. Picture: BBC

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Meanwhile, Larry Lamb has teased that fans will NOT be disappointed by the upcoming Christmas special.

Speaking to Lorraine, the 71-year-old actor - who plays Gavin's dad Mick Shipman in the series - has revealed that 25 December 2019 is going to be a "rocking" night for fans tuning in to watch.

Talking about the show, which will see a new episode air for the first time in 10 years, he teased: "There's millions of people out there who are not going to be disappointed. There are some scenes in that I tell you.

"It's going to be a rocking Christmas night."

Watch his interview here:

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So far, it has been revealed that Sheridan Smith, who played Smithy's sister Rudi will not be returning for the Christmas Special.

The 37-year-old actress and James Corden dated for two years from 2007, but when asked if she was returning as her chavtastic character, she told the BBC: "I wish.

"No, I’m not going to be in it. I don’t think, anyway.”

However, it seems like there is no hard feelings from Smith, gushed to The Sun: "Like everyone, I can’t wait to watch the Christmas Special.

"I’m so proud to have been a part of something so special."

Watch James Corden and Sheridan Smith's most famous on-screen moment of the show, where they rap to Kanye West and Estelle's American Girl:

Smithy and Rudi's American Boy rap - Gavin and Stacey - BBC

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Russell Tovey, who played Gavin's friend Budgie, also revealed he wouldn't be back for the special because the character wasn't written into the episode.

According to The Sun's Bizarre TV column, Tovey revealed: "He just wasn't written back."

Budgie was one of Smithy (James Corden) and Gavin's (Mat Horne) good pals, who also included Deano (Mathew Baynton), Dirtbox (Andrew Knott), Fingers (Samuel Anderson) and Chinese Alan (Dominic Gaskell).

However, the actor has revealed none of the lads will be back for the festive episode, telling the outlet: "They didn't bring any of the boys back."

Watch Ruth Jones control the crowds during Gavin and Stacey filming in Barry:

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