VIDEOS: Five Times Ross Kemp Proved He Was Hard As Nails

5 July 2018, 17:29 | Updated: 5 July 2018, 17:44

We look back at just some of the times the actor and investigative journalist was put in a hairy situation, and handled it like a boss.

Ross Kemp went viral this week after posting his reaction to England's World Cup victory against Colombia.

Watch his epic video clip above, which he shared on Twitter.

The former EastEnders actor isn't just known for playing a hard man on telly, but he's also been around the world in search of the most dangerous places.

While fans were shocked and amused by his reaction to the game, we can't help but congratulate the actor, author and investigative journalist for showing such raw emotion.

Plus, it's pretty difficult to criticise someone who's put himself in serious danger to report on some of the toughest gangs and harshest living environments around the world... And all while keeping his cool.

Look back at some of the best examples of Ross Kemp being an absolute legend here:


  1. Ross Kemp interviews gang-members about the Cartel

    Interviewing a Gang about the Cartel | Ross Kemp Extreme World

    While on his travels in Mexico, Kemp and his camera crew met up with real-life gang members to talk about the infmaous Cartel and the spate of murders in the country.

    But things start to get a bit hairy when they think they're being watched...

  2. Ross Kemp enters "The Worst Prison In Africa"

    The Worst Prison In Africa | Ross Kemp Extreme World

    You might think that visiting what the UN dubs "the worst prison in Africa" would be more scary for the inmates than a visitor...

    But if the prison just happened to be run by the inmates themselves and you were completely surrounded by them? Kemp somehow manages to take it in his stride though.

  3. Ross Kemp heads to the frontline in Afganistan

    Ross Kemp and British Troops in Afghanistan

    Just in case it wasn't scary enough dealing with gangmembers and criminals, the former EastEnders actor has also been on the frontline with British soldiers in Afganistan.

    In this clip you can even hear him talking over the gunshots while wearing full army fatigues.

    Not for the faint-hearted!

  4. Ross Kemp is in the firing line of ISIS snipers in Syria

    MUST WATCH: Ross Kemp Extreme World - Syria

    Another Extreme World clip sees Kemp literally a few yards away from ISIS fighters.

    Watch the clip, which Sky 1 claims is one of the most frightened they've seen the celebrity.

    We still think he manages to hold his own though, talking to camera while snipers fire rounds of amunition in his direction.

    Scary stuff.

  5. Ross Kemp gets ambushed by armed men

    Ross Takes on Armed Men | Ross Kemp Extreme World

    Ross Kemp and his cameraman got into a VERY hairy situation while they went hiking in the jungle to meet up with guerilla fighters.

    After being "tested" by being given tobacco and a stimulant herb, Kemp then has a gun pointed squarley in his face.

    Somehow the former EastEnders actor manages to totally front it out and continue drinking from his water bottle like it's no big deal.

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