Simon Pegg Reveals Whether Spaced Will Ever Return

19 July 2018, 12:32 | Updated: 19 July 2018, 12:34

The Mission Impossible star and co-creator of the sitcom has given his definitive answer on the hit series getting a reunion.

Simon Pegg has revealed if he'd ever bring back his Spaced series, and he wants this to be the end of it once and for all

The sitcom - which was created, written by and starred Pegg and Jessica Stevenson - ran for two series from 1999-2001 and quickly became a cult classic.

But asked by fans who sent their questions into NME about the possibility of it returning, Pegg mused: "That question will never go away. The more they ask, the less likely it is.”

Watch the trailer for spaced above.

The Mission Impossible star added that “it couldn’t possibly ever exist again” because it was about “a group of twenty-somethings at the turn of the century.”

Asked about the possibility of a reunion series, where they characters would play they ages they are now he replied: "Why? There’s no point.

“I dunno what I have to say that’s relatable about life now. It’s not gonna happen, kids – unless you want a sitcom about some clueless actor who can’t tie his own shoelaces.”

Watch Pegg play our Impossible Mission film here:

Pegg recently revealed to Radio X that while he stopped playing so many computer games after becoming a father, they do help him connect with his daughter.

Watch our video to find out why:

He told Radio X’s Gordon Smart: “Now she’s old enough to play computer games, we play Minecraft together.

“We’d meet in these games, so we could have a kind of strange physical interaction. We could build a house together!

“It’s a great way to stay in contact with your kids, if you can get a console when you’re away, mums and dads.

“It becomes a really good way to spend time with them.

“That’s what they want to do, rather than inhibit their time on it. But you’ve obviously got to give some time over to reading and learning, or whatever!”


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