Watch Stranger Things' Jamie Campbell Bower recite classic lines as Vecna

3 August 2022, 21:15

The British actor, who stars as Vecna in the fourth season of the hit Netflix series, has shown us another side to the monstrous character.

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By Jenny Mensah

Jamie Campbell Bower has become somewhat a Stranger Things fan favourite after his appearance in the Netflix series.

Despite playing mega-villain Vecna in season 4, the British actor is much-loved outside of the show, with fans curious to see just how he transformed into the monster.

We already know it took hours of painstaking work in the makeup department to help him look the part, but did you know the voice of Vecna is all down to the 33 year old too?

Jamie Campbell Bower recites classic lines as Vecna
Jamie Campbell Bower recites classic lines as Vecna. Picture: Netflix/ The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon

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If you're not quite sure how this English gent transforms into the beast from the Upside Down, why not watch him recite some rather unexpected lines using Vecna's voice.

Ever wondered what Vecna would sound like reciting Lizzo's About Damn Time or the speech from Pretty Woman? Well wonder no more!

Watch him in action in our video clip above and see the extended interview below:

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