Robert Webb & stars console James Buckley after Inbetweeners apology

3 January 2019, 11:13 | Updated: 3 January 2019, 13:22

The Peep Show star is among those reassuring The Inbetweeners actor, who played Jay in the hit series.

Robert Webb has joined those consoling James Buckley after he said sorry for the Inbetweeners 10th anniversary reunion.

The Peep Show star has joined the likes of Vernon Kay in responding to Buckley after he admitted he was "felling pretty hated" after fans slammed the special two hour show, which took place on New Year's Day.

The TV special saw Buckley - who played Jay Cartwright in the hit series - join forces with co-stars Blake Harrison (Neil), Joe Thomas (Simon) and Simon Bird (Will) for the reunion in a retrospective which was presented by Jimmy Carr.

Watch a snippet of the programme above, courtesy of Channel 4.

Peep Show star Robert Webb and Inbetweeners actor James Buckley
Peep Show star Robert Webb and Inbetweeners actor James Buckley. Picture: Ian West/PA Archive/PA Images & Tyler Golden/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Vernon Kay was one of the first stars to respond to his post, joking: "Mate, you didn’t host “Splash” you’ll be fine."

His fellow comedic actor Robert Webb leapt in to defend him: "James mate, the Star Wars Summertime Special didn’t bear much resemblance to Star Wars. Proper fans understand the difference. It doesn’t stop Mark Hamill apologising but the pair of you should take heart. Never mind the hate - here’s some love you great wally xxx"

After Buckley thanked him for his kindness, the Peep Show star - who played Jez in the Channel 4 comedy, added: "Now then, take that probably quite big fee from Objective and relax and do a couple of plays this year, young man. Comedy grandad has spoken."

Others chimed in, adding that it was mainly the format of the reunion and the fact it was being presented by Jimmy Carr that caused the cringe-worthy moments.

Pete Paphides wrote: "It wasn’t your fault. Jimmy Carr didn’t seem to be able to differentiate between you guys & your characters."

Another suggested: "Instead of a chat show type style, it would’ve been better to do a documentary/interview style where you chatted about your favourite moments and what happened behind the scenes etc".

TV host Greg Scott added: "You, in The Inbetweeners - Brilliant. You, in White Gold - Brilliant. The producers of last night’s show... Pish. You’re a good man, James. Head high, Sir - And Happy New Year. X"

James Buckley's original apology read:

Blake Harrison, who played Neil Sutherland in the teen sitcom, also took to Twitter, writing: "

James Buckley has previous said he'll never let his children watch The Inbetweeners.

The British actor, who has two sons named Harrison and Jude, has explained he doesn't want them to see his portrayal of Jay in the coming-of-age drama.

"I would never let them watch The Inbetweeners," he declared on Good Morning Britain.

Watch him explain more in ITV's video below:

Asked by Susanna Reid at what age he'd consider allowing them to watch the show, he added: "Well, never because you know it's different for me because I'm supposed to be their dad and I don't want them to see me behaving in that way.

"I've already got very little respect from them to begin with."

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