Martin Compston reveals secret nickname with Line of Duty pals Vicky McClure and Adrian Dunbar

15 December 2022, 13:14 | Updated: 16 December 2022, 10:14

Martin Compston reveals in-joke he has with his Line of Duty cast mates Vicky McClure and Adrian Dunbar
Martin Compston reveals in-joke he has with his Line of Duty cast mates Vicky McClure and Adrian Dunbar. Picture: 1. Euan Cherry/Getty Images 2. Vianney Le Caer/Shutterstock

By Jenny Mensah

The Rig star has revealed that Vicky McClure and Adrian Dunbar challenge him to use a special number in all his interviews.

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Martin Compston has revealed his Line of Duty cast mates have a special 'nickname' for each other, which they try to integrate into TV where ever they can.

The Scottish actor starred in the hit BBC crime series alongside Adrian Dunbar and Vicky McClure and built up a special bond with them over the six series of the show.

Speaking on The Restless Natives podcast, which he co-hosts with Gordon Smart, he revealed: "Me, Vicky and Adrian have got that thing, we call each other 29.

"It’s one of those private jokes, it’s not funny for anybody else. But anytime we're on something she just texts me before and goes ‘Make sure you say 29 in there somewhere’.

"And all you’re thinking, you’re sitting on The One Show or something and you’re thinking ‘How do I say 29 in this’ and it ruins your interview."

Listen to The Restless Natives podcast here:

Listen to the most recent episode of The Restless Natives podcast
Listen to the most recent episode of The Restless Natives podcast. Picture: Global Player

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In the same episode, the Mayflies actor revealed he drunk texted Liam Fray and hasn't heard from the Courteeners frontman ever since.

He revealed: "The Courteeners would be brilliant for our festival and then it felt like a good idea at the time so I text you and said 'Have you got Liam Fray’s number?'

"A man I've never met, never crossed paths with in my life and I sent him a long rambling text about how I think the Battery Park [near his house in Greenock, Scotland] would be a great warm up for Manchester."

"He's yet to reply or acknowledge the text," he added. "Ironically, my favourite Courteeners song is What Took You So Long?

"He has not f***ing sent anything back. You better message him and say you egged me on here."

When Gordon offered to read the last line of the message he sent the Not Nineteen Forever rocker, Compston begged: "No don't mate, you’ll give me the fear," adding: "I remember the last thing I sent was a picture of the Battery Park because I thought that would seal the deal"

Spilling the beans Gordon said: "I'll save your blushes in the first 200 words but here's how Martin Compston paid off the big approach to one of the biggest indie stars of the last 15 years.

"He said, ‘I'm steaming mate, would never have the balls to ask this sober so feel free to tell me to f**k off or ignore and hopefully I forget’".

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