Hugo Boss responds to Joe Lycett after he changed his name to Hugo Boss

5 March 2020, 14:55 | Updated: 5 March 2020, 15:02

British comedian Joe Lycett
British comedian Joe Lycett. Picture: Ollie Millington/Getty Images

The mens' fashion label has released a statement in response to the comedian's decision to change his name.

Hugo Boss have responded to Joe Lycett after his decision to change his name by deed poll.

The 31-year-old comedian - who is set to take part in a new series of his comedy consumer show Got Your Back on Channel 4 - took to Twitter this week to reveal he'd changed his name by deed poll to the fashion label.

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Now, the fashion brand has responded to Lycett's stunt, writing: "We welcome the comedian formerly known as Joe Lycett as a member of the Hugo Boss family."

The statement continued: "As he will know, as a 'well-known' trademark (as opposed to a 'regular' trademark) Hugo Boss enjoys increased protection not only against trademarks for similar goods, but also for dissimilar goods across all product categories for our brands and trademarks Boss and Boss Black and their associated visual appearance.

"Following the application by Boss Brewing to register a trademark similar to our 'well-known' trademark, we approached them to prevent potential misunderstanding regarding the brands Boss and Boss Black, which were being used to market beer and items of clothing.

"Both parties worked constructively to find a solution, which allows Boss Brewing the continued use of its name and all of its products, other than two beers (Boss Black and Boss Boss) where a slight change of the name was agreed upon.

"As an open-minded company we would like to clarify that we do not oppose the free use of language in any way and we accept the generic term 'boss' and its various and frequent uses in different languages."

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The high end fashion label may have finally defended there stance, but there's been plenty of banter leading up to this point.

A Sheffield man paid has tribute to the star by changing his name to Joe Lycett on Twitter.

Taking to the platform, the joker - whose name was formerly Mark Rofe - said: "I think @joelycett is a great name, and since he's now surrendered it and changed it to Hugo Boss, I thought I'd change my mine to Joe's. I couldn't have a world without a @joelycett".

Speaking to the Metro, he said: "I think what Joe (Hugo) did was brilliant. I’m a big fan of his comedy and the work he does, so when I saw he had changed his name to Hugo therefore surrendering his former name Joe Lycett, I thought it I would change mine to Joe’s."

However, not all is as it seems.

The prankster, who is also known for buying a billboard in Manchester in order to secure a date, has only made an un-enrolled deed poll so far, and would have to apply to the Royal Courts of Justice to get it done officially. Apparently it only costs £36, so don't start getting ideas...

Earlier this week, Lycett sold tickets to a new show called Hugo Boss and Friends, while sharing the details of his trademark application.

Mentioning the mens' high fashion label on Twitter he wrote: "Hi @HUGOBOSS, Hugo Boss here. Forgot to mention something! Last year I applied for a trademark for 'Boss La Cease en Desiste'. FYI: the opposition period for this ended on 27th Feb - did your cease and desist get lost in the post?! Either way I can now legally launch. Whoopsie!"

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