Father Ted Fans Had A Treat In Homes Under The Hammer

15 September 2018, 08:00

Fans of the classic Channel 4 comedy were surprised to hear some very familiar music in a recent episode…

BBC1’s Homes Under The Hammer is a daytime TV staple - you know the score: someone buys a house at auction and then we go back and see what they’ve done with the property.

But some viewers were slightly bemused this week when the choice of music used to background a clip of one couple of house-hunters turned out to be rather familiar.

The choice was inspired by the fact that the couple in question were horse lovers. Watch the clip and see what we mean.

The music was definitely noticed by one viewer:

The tune is, of course, My Lovely Horse, which was taken from a 1996 edition of Father Ted. In the show, titled A Song For Europe, Ted and Father Dougal attempt to write an entry for the “Eurosong Competition” and dream of coming up with this sugary effort:

My Lovely Horse | Father Ted

The song was composed and performed by Neil Hannon aka The Divine Comedy, who also wrote the theme tune to Father Ted, which has a version with lyrics called Songs Of Love:

The Divine Comedy - Songs Of Love [HQ]

Is someone at Homes Under The Hammer a fan of Craggy Island? Was it just a result of some random Googling? We may never know. In the meantime, we fancy watching a bit of Father Ted…


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