Eddie Izzard doesn't mind if you get her pronouns wrong

13 January 2021, 17:09 | Updated: 13 January 2021, 18:05

By Jenny Mensah

The British comedian talked to Chris Moyles about her gender identity and revealed why she doesn't "insist" on people using her prefered pronouns.

Eddie Izzard has "absolved" anyone who uses the incorrect pronouns when talking about her.

The British comedian, actor and writer confirmed their preferred pronouns are "she/her" in 2019 and 2020, but has explained to The Chris Moyles Show why she doesn't "insist" on it.

"I've been out 35 years, so I've been trying to acclimatise our country, our continent, our world. 35 years, so if that's not a slow enough lift," joked the multi-marathon runner.

"I just said I'm gender fluid [...] and I requested or asked [to be called she/her], I've never insisted it or demanded it. [I'd] never do that. You know, [call me] 'mate,' 'mush,' 'Eddie,' 'that person over there'. It doesn't really matter".

Talking about the media attention she received after clarifying her pronouns on Sky Arts last year, the 58-year-old star added: "Most people are very positive, some people... the usual suspects I suppose... were negative and there you go."

Eddie Izzard talks about his gender identity on The Chris Moyles Show
Eddie Izzard talks about gender identity on The Chris Moyles Show. Picture: Radio X

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When Moyles mentioned he was pulled up by a few listeners because he called Eddie 'he' on-air, the stand-up said: "Everyone online thank you for backing me up with the 'she', but just relax on that.

"We've got to relax on that. With some people [it's a] complete transition and that's it, but with me I am somewhere on the spectrum. I am gender fluid, so I absolve all people right now. Anyone who uses he or she it's cool. Just everyone chill."

She added: "Tigers don't care. I've noticed that. You know if a tiger attacks you it's not going 'it's he or she or LBGT- [...]' Tigers are not bothered, so if tigers are not bothered, we shouldn't be bothered".

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