David Attenborough's Our Planet: What is the new Netflix documentary about?

5 April 2019, 11:24

Teaming up with streaming giant, Netflix, David Attenborough is hoping that his new documentary Our Planet will reach a bigger audience and encourage change.

Sir David Attenborough has long been considered a national treasure, producing some breath-taking series on the natural world throughout his career.

And while we're used to listening to his dulcet tones on a Sunday, the naturalist's new documentary Our Planet goes far beyond evening entertainment.

What is Our Planet about?

As we've come to expect of anything Attenborough-related, Our Planet offers amazing videography of the natural world.

But as well as awe-inspiring landscapes, viewers see the devastating impact climate change is having on our planet.

Unlike other nature series by Attenborough, Our Planet exclusively deals with the issue, exposing the brutal reality of what climate change does to animals' habitats and our ecosystems at large.

How was Our Planet made?

The brand new series has been four years in the making.

Filmed across 50 different countries, the epic production required over 600 crew members to catch the “extraordinary place we call home” on camera for the “new visionary series”.

David Attenborough's Our Planet premiered at London's Natural History Museum last night
David Attenborough's Our Planet premiered at London's Natural History Museum last night. Picture: Getty

Why is David Attenborough partnering with Netflix?

Speaking at a World Wildlife Fund (WWF) event last year, he said the new series will "take viewers on a spectacular journey of discovery".

Of his collaboration with Netflix, Attenborough has said: “The BBC, powerful and pervasive though it is, can’t reach 200million people overnight, simultaneously. This particular ambition — of reaching the vast majority of TV sets in the world — is very important and the message is urgent.

"The natural world is in crisis. Let’s not mince words. It really is in crisis. We are in trouble.“There is no point saying, ‘We will do that or pass that’ or, ‘We will have another meeting’. We want people to know what is happening NOW."

When is the documentary out?

Our Planet was released on Friday 5 March 2019, and is now available to stream on Netflix.

The series is made up of 8 episodes: One Planet, Frozen Worlds, Jungles, Coastal Seas, From Desserts to Grasslands, The High Seas, Fresh Water and Forests.

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