Blake Harrison has mini-Inbetweeners reunion with Emily Atack: "Fwiends"

3 February 2023, 15:42 | Updated: 3 February 2023, 15:45

Blake Harrison and Emily Atack
Blake Harrison and Emily Atack had a mini-reunion this week. Picture: 1. Chris Hyde/Getty Images 2. David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for EE

By Jenny Mensah

The actor shared a snap with his fellow Inbetweeners cast mate this week, much to the delight of TV fans.

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Blake Harrison has reunited with his friend and former Inbetweeners cast mate Emily Atack.

The pair both starred in the hit E4 coming-of-age drama, playing teenagers Neil Sutherland Charlotte Hinchliffe respectively.

Now, taking to Instagram, Harrison has shared a snap with his co-star, writing: "Always good to see old Fwiends".

The I Love Suzie star's caption is of course in reference a the running joke in the show, which saw the boys mock each other for knowing people outside of the group.

Watch a compilation of the show's "Fwiend" moments below:

Friend Compilation The Inbetweeners

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Blake Harrison recently revealed to Chris Moyles that he has a few of his Inbetweeners cast mates, including Atack, for meeting his future wife.

As it turns out, he has a lot to thank his Inbetweeners cast mates Joe Thomas (Simon Cooper) and Emily Atack (Charlotte Hinchcliffe) for as his met his other half while on a pub crawl with them and Emily's sister Martha.

Watch him explain all in his interview:

Blake Harrison on how he met his wife

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"We've been together for 13 years and we know the day we met," he began. "Funnily enough I was on a pub crawl with Joe Thomas (Simon) and Emily Atack and her sister. It was for Joe's birthday.

"A few people had kind of left and we went into The Old Vic Pit Bar, which I don't think is there any more and my wife used to be a stage manager at the Old Vic and we kind of locked eyes from across the room, but I didn't say anything because I was too nervous to go up."

He added: "So I was locking eyes enough to think, 'Oh I've had a little confidence boost now' and I just got up and left and went to a place across the road and then her and her mates followed in about half an hour later."

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