What does Måneskin mean? Facts about the Eurovision 2021 winners

20 June 2021, 17:00

Måneskin at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 Grand Final
Måneskin won the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. Picture: Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

By Jenny Mensah

The Italian band were crowned winners of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 and now they've joined TikTok. Find out the meaning of their name and their song, plus more facts about the band.

Måneskin became household names on Saturday 22 May when they won the 65th Eurovision Song Contest 2021.

Despite underwhelming points from the jury, the viewers were captivated by their Zitti E Buoni performance and helped catapult it to the top of the table with 524 points.

The band are now known all across the globe and have just made their fans VERY happy by joining TikTok after a campaign to get them on the platform, but what does Måneskin actually mean and where did they get the name from?

Find out the answer to this question, plus find out what Zitti E Buoni means and more.

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What does Måneskin mean?

Måneskin means Moonshine in Danish. The name was inspired by bassist Victoria De Angelis' half Danish heritage.

Måneskin's Damiano David at the fourth evening at the of Sanremo Music Festival 2021
Måneskin's frontman is Damiano David. Picture: Marco Piraccini/Archivio Marco Piraccini/Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images

Who is the lead singer of Måneskin?

The frontman of Måneskin is Damiano David. The band is completed by bassist Victoria De Angelis, guitarist Thomas Raggi and drummer Ethan Torchio.

Where are Måneskin from?

Just incase you didn't know already, Måneskin are from Rome, Italy.

What does Måneskin's Zitti E Buoni track mean?

The title Zitti E Buoni roughly translates to Shut Up And Behave in English.

Lead singer Damiano David told Eurovision presenter and Dutch influencer Nikkie Turorials that the song is a defiant track about "being yourself and not caring what other people are saying to you".

Unbelievably, the song started off its life as a soft and much slower a ballad.

Måneskin - Zitti E Buoni - Winners Performance - Italy 🇮🇹 - Eurovision 2021

How did Måneskin form?

The bandmates first met each other as students of the same high school in Monteverde Rome. Damiano David wasn't originally in the band, but he quickly replaced their lead singer.

The band decided to form anew in 2016 and came up with their name when they had to register for Pulse - a local music competition for emerging acts. The band asked their half Danish bassist Victoria De Angelis to offer up some Danish words and soon enough Måneskin was born.

Watch the band explain more below:

LookLab Måneskin– Italy 🇮🇹 with NikkieTutorials

Does Måneskin have albums?

Måneskin have released two studio albums in Il ballo della vita (2018) and Teatro d'ira: Vol. 1 (2021) and an EP entitled Chosen (2017).

Why was Måneskin's Damiano David accused of taking cocaine at The Eurovision Song Contest 2021?

During the Grand Finale of the Eurovision Song Contest, the band's frontman was captured bending down towards the table in front of the camera. However, the band vehemently denied taking drugs at the ceremony and their lead singer Damiano David volunteered to take a drugs test to clear his name, which he indeed passed.

When was the last time Italy won Eurovision?

Italy last won Eurovision in 1990 when Toto Cutugno won with Insieme in Zagreb, Croatia.

Relive the moment he won here:

Toto Cutugno Insieme Eurovision Zagreb 1990

Were Måneskin on X Factor Italia?

Yes, Måneskin took part in the eleventh season of X Factor Italia back in 2017 and reached second place.

The four-piece performed many covers, including Ed Sheeran's You Need Me, I Don't Need You and The Killers' Somebody Told Me.

Watch Måneskin's rendition of Brandon Flowers and co's 2004 classic here:

Maneskin - Somebody Told Me

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