This man sparking off a dance party at a festival is why we miss them so much

28 November 2020, 18:00

Man prompts dance party at a 2009 festival
Man prompts dance party at a 2009 festival. Picture: YouTube/checkitoutmusic

Relive this magic moment from 2009, which saw a rather jolly festival-goer spark off a full dance session at Sasquatch Festival.

A throwback clip of a man prompting a full-on dance party at a festival has resurfaced for all the right reasons.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been tough all industries, but the music and live events sector has almost had to come to a complete standstill- with gigs and festivals postponed until next year.

Music and festival-lovers everywhere have been counting back to the days where they can be among a crowd at a gig or feel the atmosphere and freedom of spending a long weekend at a music festival.

Just incase you forgot the sort of things that can go down, this clip from the now obsolete Sasquatch Festival is a great example of why festivals can be so epic.

The year was 2009. Santigold was playing a set and inebriated man was standing on a hill having his very own private dance party.

Watch what happened next in a video shared on the YouTube channel checkitoutmusic.

Guy Dancing on the hill at Sasquatch! Full Version! Santogold Unstoppable

OK, so this young man isn't quite in charge of all his faculties, but his energy is so infectious it leads to a full-on dance party.

What starts with one guy getting onto his wavelength, turns into another, then another, then another, until the hill is completely covered by a bevy of festival-goers all dancing to their heart's content.

This, my friends, is the kind of thing that makes us miss festivals so much. When people say festivals aren't just about the music this is sort of what they mean.

You can't plan this, you won't find it on the line-up, and it definitely doesn't appear on a lanyard.

When a festival is good you can go see some of your favourite bands, but when a festival is great you can be part of the most random and hilarious moments that will give you memories to last you a lifetime.

So, cheers to the random guy from Sasquatch 2009 dancing like no one was watching!

And here's to the day we can return to festivals and experience all the moments that happen outside of the line-up.

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