Foo Fighters' Walk mashed up with Earth, Wind & Fire's September is epic

26 December 2020, 13:00

This mashup of Dave Grohl and co's Walk with the R&B and funk band's iconic track is one of the highlights of a tough year.

Someone mashed up Foo Fighters with Earth, Wind & Fire and the results are glorious.

A YouTuber called William Maranci shared a video which sees Dave Grohl's Walk anthem blended seamlessly with Earth, Wind & Fire's well-known September hit, alongside performance footage from both bands.

The clip was rather fittingly uploaded on 21 September 2019, so we're a tad bit late to the party. However, that doesn't mean this aural feast shouldn't be appreciated and shared again - particularly when 2020 has been such a horrible twelve months.

Listen to the infectious mashup above.

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The Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl and Earth, the late Wind & Fire's Maurice White
Foo Fighters' Walk has been mashed up with Earth, the late Wind & Fire's September. Picture: 1. Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for The Recording Academy 2. Afro American Newspapers/Gado/Getty Images

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It's not the only delightful mash-up we've been gifted by Foos fans in the past, with their The Pretender song mixed with Rick James' Superfreak to create an epic banger otherwise known as Freaktender.

Watch it here, courtesy of DJ Cumberbund:

The mix has even been given the seal of approval by Dave Grohl himself, who has mentioned it on stage and even tweeted about it.

Back in 2016, Foo Fighters shared the video from their official Twitter account with the simple caption: "F*** YES."

Rightly said!

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