Artists react to Rishi Sunak interview as MP hits out at misreporting

7 October 2020, 11:00 | Updated: 7 October 2020, 11:35

Sam Fender, Britain's Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak and Liam Gallagher
The likes of Sam Fender and Liam Gallagher hit out at the Chancellor of the Exchequer. Picture: 1. Jon Mo Photography 2. DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS/AFP via Getty Images 3. Press

The likes of Liam Gallagher and Sam Fender have hit out at the Chancellor of the Exchequer this week, but the politician has clarified his comments.

Artists from across the world of entertainment have hit out at the Government and Rishi Sunak, following an ITV interview where he suggested people in the arts would have to "adapt" during the coronavirus pandemic.

Liam Gallagher was one of the first rock stars to speak out against the notion, talking to Twitter to write: ""So the dopes in gov telling musicians and people in arts to retrain and get another job what and become massive c**** like you nah yer alright c’mon you know LG x"."

The outspoken former Oasis frontman continued: "This country would be beyond w*** if it wasn’t for the arts and the music and football show a bit of respect you little TURD cmon you know LG x".

The Shockwave singer went one further, writing: "If anyone needs to retrain it’s them shower of C**** c’mon you know LG x".

Sam Fender wrote: "This is a reason for why the government should support the arts, it's times like these when art is all we have as a healthy means of escapism. So, No I'm not getting another fucking job, and no other working artist should. When this is over they'll be gagging for our tax money."

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Blur's Dave Rowntree added his thoughts on the matter.

Comedian and presenter Sue Perkins wrote: "The arts contributes in the region of 10 billion a year to our economy. The people who work in it have already trained long and hard, thank you. This is shameful."

Badly Drawn Boy wrote: "To give up on Music, Art, Film, Theatre, all other art forms which celebrate the Human Spirit.. is to give up on Life itself Mr. Sunak !"

Ash wrote: "Enraged at the news that @RishiSunak thinks musician should retrain during the economic disaster he helped create. You failed our sector and now you're throwing us to the wolves."

They continued: "Not just musicians though is it? It's our technicians, our engineers, our management, our agent, our promoter. It's the venues, their staff, the production companies, transport, storage. It's roughly one million people you're throwing on the job market.

"Meanwhile in Europe the artistic sector is being furloughed til next March and beyond. All while you're spunking billions on your mates useless track and trace?!

"Every failure you have been responsible for has pushed the return of live music further into the future. You've not learned a single lesson from the first wave. If you're not up to the job your cabal should step aside and let this sector sort out your mess."

However, Sunak defended himself on the platform, where he said: "An earlier @itvnewspolitics tweet falsely suggested I thought people in arts should retrain and find other jobs. I'm grateful they have now deleted that tweet. I care deeply about the arts which is why our £1.57bn culture package is one of the most generous in the world."

Watch his ITV interview here:

Despite the correction, many artists and celebrities and people from all walks of life remained angry, and questioned where the £1.57b was going.

Writer, actor and comedian Katy Brand wrote: "It’s very generous indeed, Rishi. But you can afford to be generous if you don’t actually give any of it out. Where is it? Not a penny has been given as of today."

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