Dizzee Rascal thinks he should headline Glastonbury Festival

29 June 2020, 12:44 | Updated: 29 June 2020, 12:48

Dizzee Rascal at V Festival 2017
Dizzee Rascal at V Festival 2017. Picture: Ian West/PA Archive/PA Images

The Bonkers rapper believes previous his energy-driven sets at the festival worthy of a headline slot on the Pyramid Stage.

Dizzee Rascal believes he should headline Glastonbury Festival.

The Bonkers rapper was supposed to perform at the music event this year and has played various sets at the Somerset festival in the past, but he thinks he can top the bill due to his hugely successful energetic performances.

Speaking to The Guardian Weekend magazine, he said: "I was supposed to play Glastonbury this year. At this point they need to hurry up and just let me headline that thing. Those sets I played on the Pyramid stage [...] got me a headlining reaction - bigger than the actual headliners."

He added: "That's the thing about my sets - there's not a lot of downtime, not a lot of dip, it's just energy all the way through."

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The 35-year-old rapper also revealed that while he's grateful for the fans who have stayed with him throughout his career, he most enjoys seeing "the young ones" on the front row at festivals.

"... The one thing I like about coming back to the festival each year, it's always the young ones at the front," he told the magazine. "As much as I appreciate the fanbase that have followed me from the beginning, it's the younger ones who have the energy to be smashed around by the bass, standing right in front of the speakers."

Despite gigs and festivals being cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, Dizzee is "optimistic" and not to "stressed out" because he thinks there's a lot of other things going on.

He said: "When the first shows started getting cancelled, I just accepted it: that's that, then. My thing is, the sun's out and I'm not dead.

"So I'm not too stressed out. There are a lot more important things going on for other people.

"Live shows will come back but I can still go on the radio, my album's still coming out, I can still reach people. I'm surprised at how positive I'm feeling."

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