Are these the best Glastonbury headliners of all time?

28 June 2020, 19:00 | Updated: 28 June 2020, 19:01

Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys performing live at Glastonbury 2013
Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys performing live at Glastonbury 2013. Picture: Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Playing the Pyramid Stage is something only the biggest bands and performers are lucky enough to do. Here's the very best of them.

  1. Arctic Monkeys, 2013

    They had headlined back in 2007 but 2013 saw the Arctics really prove their mettle on the Pyramid Stage. They opened with Do I Wanna Know, the first time the track had been played live in the UK.

    Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know? [HD] (Live Glastonbury 2013)

  2. Radiohead, 1997

    OK Computer had only been released a month before the band played the Pyramid Stage, but this was a band at the height of their powers and they performed a spellbinding set in front of a crowd that had suffered through torrential rain. Twenty years later, the band have returned to the site of their triumph in somewhat better weather.

    Radiohead - Glastonbury 1997 - Creep

  3. Coldplay, 2016

    Chris Martin and co have done the treble on the Pyramid Stage, but it was 2016's appearance that triumphed over the others. Flashing wristbands! Confetti cannons! Barry Gibb! Staying Alive! Michael Eavis singing My Way! But it was the band's heartfelt tribute to Viola Beach that hit home. The young band died in a car crash earlier in the year and Coldplay allowed them to "headline Glastonbury for one night" by covering their track Boys That Sing.

    Coldplay - Boys That Sing (Viola Beach Cover) HD

  4. Adele, 2016

    One of the greatest British success stories of the Millennium, Adele Adkins strolled onto the Pyramid Stage like she owned the place. And what a voice.

    ADELE Set Fire To The Rain Glastonbury 2016 Full HD

  5. David Bowie, 2000

    Bowie headlined the second ever Glastonbury Fayre, back in 1971. He returned in 2000, having completed his transformation into a superstar with a set that saw him embrace his back catalogue and take command of the Pyramid Stage.

    DAVID BOWIE - Starman (Glastonbury 2000)

  6. Foo Fighters, 2017

    Dave Grohl’s broken leg caused a cancellation in 2015, but the Foos returned two years later to tear down the place. Probably the most hyperactive headline set ever seen at Glastonbury, and they even covered Under Pressure by Queen and David Bowie. How’s THAT for a headliner?

    Foo Fighters - Times Like These (Live At Glastonbury Festival) | sub Español + lyrics

  7. Rolling Stones, 2013

    Expectations were high for the Stones headlining Glasto - the crowd at the Pyramid Stage was one of the biggest in history. The legendary group didn't disappoint, with hits Satisfaction, Brown Sugar and Gimme Shelter given a rapturous response.

    The Rolling Stones - Start Me Up - Glastonbury - Remaster 2018

  8. Jay-Z, 2008

    Noel Gallagher was an outspoken critic of Jay-Z headlining Glastonbury, the first hip hop act to do so. But the rapper fired back, opening his set with a cover of Wonderwall. A game-changer for the festival, which until then had been a guitar-rock stronghold.

    Jay-Z - Wonderwall/99 Problems (Glastonbury 2008)

  9. Metallica, 2014

    Was Glatonbury ready for a heavy metal headliner? The answer during Enter Sandman was a resounding yyyyyyyyeeearrrrrrrgh! (That's yes in metalspeak.)

    Metallica - One at Glastonbury 2014

  10. Pulp, 1995

    When the Stone Roses were forced to pull out of their headline slot, the organisers gave Pulp a chance and Jarvis didn't disappoint. Great jacket too.

    Pulp - Sorted For E's and Wizz (Glastonbury 1995)

  11. Beyonce, 2011

    Another sign of the times - as Glastonbury got bigger and more famous, US stars found the headline slot an attractive proposition. And nobody owned the stage more than the former Destiny’s Child singer when she headlined in 2011. An amazing, show-stopping performance. Showbiz finally made it to Worthy Farm.

    Beyoncé performs Irreplaceable | Glastonbury 2011 - BBC

  12. Blur, 2009

    Marking their first triumphant comeback after their hiatus, Blur gave a raucous show that show reviewers claimed was the best headline slot of the 2000s. And who are we to disagree?

    Blur - Tender at Glastonbury 2009

  13. Muse, 2004

    It was still a big gig in Muse's career when they had the honour of gracing the Pyramid Stage, but the trio are never daunted and gave an electric performance. The show was marred, however, with the death of drummer Dom Howard's father backstage on the night.

    Muse - Time is Running Out Glastonbury 2004 HD

  14. Paul McCartney, 2004

    The Beatle legend seemed a bit out of his depth among the "Glastonburgers", but he soon pulled out ever Fabs and solo hit he could think off, which only the most cynical festival-goer could deny. The highlight was the firework spectacular during Live And Let Die.

    Paul McCartney - Live and Let Die (Live)