Bombay Bicycle Club promise "special guest" for Glastonbury set

28 June 2024, 12:49 | Updated: 28 June 2024, 12:55

Could Damon Albarn be joining Bombay Bicycle Club onstage at their Glastonbury set?
Could Damon Albarn be joining Bombay Bicycle Club onstage at their Glastonbury set? Picture: CTK/Sipa US/Alamy Stock Photo

Could Damon Albarn be swinging by the Other Stage later today for a "surprise" appearance?

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Bombay Bicycle Club have revealed that they will have a "special guest" at their Glastonbury set today (Friday 28th June)... and Blur star Damon Albarn could be in the frame for a surprise appearance.

Asked by Radio X's Sunta Templeton if any guests from their latest album My Big Day would be dropping by for their Other Stage slot, guitarist Jamie MacColl replied: "There is, but we can't say who I'm afraid!"

Is it someone who's on the album? "Yeah," the tight-lipped musicians replied.

My Big Day features guest appearances from Damon Albarn (on Heaven), Chaka Khan (on Tekken 2), Nil├╝fer Yanya (on Meditate) and Holly Humberstone (on Diving).

Bombay Bicycle Club - Heaven (feat. Damon Albarn) (Official Audio)

On X (formerly Twitter), the SecretGlasto account has also posted: "A special guest could make Bombay Bicycle Club's set go by in a Blur."

MacColl also said that the band were pleased to be back at Glastonbury for the first time in ten years, having taken an extended break between 2014's So Long See You Tomorrow and its follow-up, Everything Else Has Gone Wrong in 2020.

"I think the pressure's off to some extent," he explained. "In the past, we were in the 'hamster wheel' of doing it, doing the album cycles over and over again without a break.

"I think you have a bit more perspective and you're able to enjoy it more, after having taken time away from it. And you feel that you're lucky to be playing it!"

Bombay Bicycle Club play the Other Stage at Glastonbury at 5.15pm.

Kasabian have been hotly tipped to be playing the unfilled slot at Woodsies on Saturday night at 6pm, while there's a persistent rumour that Pulp will make an appearance at Worthy Farm over the weekend.