The Best One Hit Wonders Of The 90s and 00s

9 February 2019, 13:04 | Updated: 9 February 2019, 13:06

It's time to celebrate the acts whose career in the charts was brutally brief - from The Bravery to EMF, it's one of the best playlists ever.

  1. Harvey Danger - Flagpole Sitta

    Flagpole Sitta, as well as for being a bloody good track from 1997, is famous for soundtracking the opening sequence to sitcom Peep Show. Despite playing a “final” show in 2001, the band reconvened three years later, but ultimately called it a day in 2009, after one last album, Little By Little…

  2. Cornershop - Brimful Of Asha

    It was Fatboy Slim's rework of Brimful Of Asha that made it an dancefloor classic. The original isn't without its charm, however. The band are still technically together, having donated an instrumental track to a Brexit-themed podcast in 2017.

  3. Hot Hot Heat - Bandages

    Hailing from British Columbia in Canada, these post-punk revivalists made a splash with their 2002 album Make Up The Breakdown, which spawned the hit Bandages. Their self-titled fifth album was released in 2016, which they declared would be their last.

  4. The Wannadies - You And Me Song

    Swedish rockers The Wannadies enjoyed their time in the sun in 1994 with The You And Me Song. Despite announcing their split in 2009 after six albums, they reunited in 2016 for some festival dates.

  5. Peter Bjorn And John - Young Folks

    Hailing from Stockholm, Peter Morén, Björn Yttling and John Eriksson had everyone whistling their infectious Young Folks in 2006. Despite this being their best-known tune, they have continued to release albums, with their seventh< Breakin’ Point, being released in 2016.

  6. Aqualung - Strange And Beautiful

    Known to his mother has Matt Hales, Aqualung's 2002 hit Strange And Beautiful was inescapable in the early noughties; finding its home in adverts and TV shows alike. Hales has continued to release music as Aqualung, but has also worked with Paloma Faith and Lianne La Havas.

  7. Babybird - You're Gorgeous

    Stephen Jones was the songwriting genius behind this Britpop-era act, whose standout tune was an everyday story of suburban sleaze. He’s still releasing music and touring under the Babybird name.

  8. The New Radicals - You Get What You Give

    Based around songwriter Gregg Alexander, the band’s best known track was You Get What You Give in November 1998. Despite making Number 5 in the UK, and the accompanying album Maybe You’ve Been Brainwashed Too making the Top 10, the band folded the following summer. Alexander went on to have a successful career writing and producing for the likes of Ronan Keating, Mel C, Geri Halliwell, Enrique Iglesias and even Rod Stewart.

  9. The Bravery - An Honest Mistake

    This indie floorfiller was a story about the uncertainty and recklessness that swamped New York following 9/11, but Brandon Flowers claimed that The Bravery only got signed “because we’re a band”, leading Bravery singer Sam Endicott to call the Killers frontman “a little girl”. After a third album in 2009, The Bravery went on hiatus, with drummer Anthony Burulcich going on to drum with Morrissey AND Weezer.

  10. Bran Van 3000 - Drinking In LA

    Canadian outfit Bran Van 3000 released Drinking In LA in 1997 to huge commercial success. Speaking about the record, James Di Salvio was quoted saying: "It's about me being in LA trying to make a movie and getting really bored with it and going out clubbing and DJ-ing, eventually taking the jump into making the record." If only it was that easy for all of us...

  11. The Caesars - Jerk It Out

    Most people first heard this song via the Playstation game Fifa in 2002. Originally known as Caesar’s Palace, this Swedish band released their fifth album Strawberry Weed in 2008, before being put “on hold” in 2012.

  12. CSS - Let's Make Love And Listen To Death From Above

    Brazilian electro outfit CSS made a splash in 2005 when their self titled debut hit the shelves. Let's Make Love And Listen To Death From Above namechecks the Canadian duo. CSS released their fourth album, Planta, in 2013, but no more hits were forthcoming.

  13. EMF - Unbelievable

    The Epsom Mad Funkers' 1990 track Unbelievable is still regularly played today! The band reformed in 2012 to play a few festivals. It was their third reunion. No more hits.

  14. Ida Maria - I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked

    Norway's Ida Maria turned heads in 2008 with single I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked, particularly when it was included in the awful James Corden comedy Lesbian Vampire Killers. Her fourth album, Scandalize My Name, was released in 2016.

  15. Semisonic - Secret Smile

    1999's Secret Smile was a huge hit for Semisonic, unfortunately the band failed to recreate the same magic with any of the material that followed. Although they played shows in 2010 and 2012, there hasn't been much activity from them since the turn of the century.

  16. Phantom Planet - California

    One of THE most American songs ever written, Phanton Planet's California soundtracked hit show The OC in the noughties. Lovely stuff. But despite the promise of a reunion in 2012, little has been heard of the band.