The heart-breaking story behind DMA'S Step Up The Morphine

29 April 2020, 21:30 | Updated: 12 July 2022, 13:42

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Find out the story behind the Aussie trio's powerful track, which comes from their 2016 Hills End album.

DMA'S have gathered a pretty big following, with favourable comparisons made between them and the likes of Oasis and The Stone Roses.

The band - who are comprised of Tommy O'Dell, Johnny Took and Matt Mason - have endorsements from big names in the music world, with Oasis legend Liam Gallagher giving their For Now album the thumbs up and Courteeners frontman Liam Fray calling them "adopted Mancs".

Johnny Took stopped by Radio X to answer some of the band's Most Googled Questions, and revealed the meaning behind one of their most-loved tracks, Step Up The Morphine.

Watch our video above to find out more.

DMA's 2019
DMA's 2019. Picture: Press

Speaking about the song, which featured on the bands 2016 Hills End album, Took revealed: "Step Up The Morphine was I guess initially about my grandmother passing away."

However, talking about the powerful track, which includes the lyrics, "Losing expression/ Facing the order/ Step up the morphine/Stand by my side," he revealed it was more of a positive and life-changing song.

"[It was] not like in a real sad thing," he explained. "More a celebration of her life, because I'd never had someone close to me pass away."

Watch them perform Step Up The Morphine at their MTV Unplugged set:

DMA'S - Step Up the Morphine (MTV Unplugged Live In Melbourne)

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