DMA's: Things You Should Know

26 January 2019, 09:30 | Updated: 7 July 2020, 12:31

The DMA's
The DMA's. Picture: Press

Radio X tells you everything you need to know the Australian band...

  1. The DMA's are a trio.

    The band are comprised of lead vocalist and drummer Tommy O'Dell, lead guitar and backing vocalist Matt Mason, and guitarist Johnny Took.

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  2. The band were formed in Sydney, Australia in 2012

    The DMA's
    The DMA's. Picture: Press
  3. Their debut album Hills End was released in 2016

    It included their crossover single, Delete:

    DMA'S - Delete (Official Video)

  4. The band have very different influences

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    Guitarist Johnny has cited country and folk music, as well as Neil Young and Bob Dylan as his big influences. The Britpop side comes from Tommy, while Mason is more into Pavement, Sonic Youth and American guitar rock.

  5. Lead singer Tommy was a painter & decorator for 10 years.

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    In an interview with guitarist Johnny Took revealed: "Tommy had been a painter for like ten years. His brother's a painter and his dad's a painter. Not like Van Gogh shit. Office blocks and stuff. I was doing random jobs, I was building stages for a while, I was working in pubs. Towards the end, Mason and me were doing cover gigs around Sydney."

  6. Tommy's dad is a scouser

    The DMA's at Latitude Festival 2016
    The DMA's at Latitude Festival 2016. Picture: Jon Mo

    The band are often compared to the likes of Oasis and The Stone Roses, which could be something to do with Tommy's British dad and the fact his elder brother would often play Britpop music. That could also have influenced Tommy's very British looking clobber...

  7. The two artists the band can agree on are Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan

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  8. They did an awesome cover of Cher's Believe for Triple J which they perform live

    DMA'S cover Cher 'Believe' for Like A Version

  9. They're actually a six piece on tour

    Mushroom Presents: DMA'S - 'Lay Down' (Live at Splendour In The Grass 2016)

    If you're wondering how the drummer manages to be in two places at once, it's because the band are doubled in numbers when they play live, joined by their touring bandmates Joel Flyger on rhythm guitar, Thomas Crandles on bass guitar and Liam Hoskins on drums.

  10. They've supported The Kooks and Courteeners in the UK

    Courteeners. Picture: Press
  11. They once tried to steal booze from Noel Gallagher's dressing room

    Noel Gallagher
    Noel Gallagher. Picture: Press

    Speaking to WOW 24/7 they revealed: "Our drummer went in his green room at the Ball to rack some booze but he was in there doing an interview. I still don’t know why he tried to do that, though, there was free unlimited grog at the artist bar. "

    Noel Gallagher also once joked that he'd boo them from the side of the stage. He never did.

  12. They've had a drink with Liam Gallagher & could be writing for his second album

    DMA'S making new friends in London. Tommy & Liam.

    Posted by I OH YOU on Thursday, 27 April 2017

    After Liam Gallagher rated the band's second album, they revealed they had a pint with the former Oasis frontman last year and teased writing for Liam's second solo album "could be on the cards".

  13. Their second album, For Now, was released on 27 April 2018

  14. Their In The Air video was shot in Wimbledon.

    DMA'S - In The Air (Official Video)

  15. They're supporting Liam Gallagher in November 2019

  16. They've announced a standalone headline date in Brixton on 6 March 2020