Rock stars who are good at sports

1 January 2024, 10:00

Liam Gallagher and Damon Alban enjoy some sporting banter in the 90s
Liam Gallagher and Damon Alban enjoy some sporting banter in the 90s. Picture: Photoshot/Getty Images

Rock ’N’ Roll isn’t just about downing tequila and staying up late. Some musicians also like to keep fit and stay competitive. Here are a selection of rock stars who will surprise you with their sporting ability.

  1. Liam Gallagher

    The former hard-partying Oasis frontman was previously a proponent of running as a way of life. He told Radio X: "I f**king love it, man. Some days, when you’re hungover, you’re thinking, I can’t be arsed, but once you get out there, it’s the best thing ever. Everything just falls in to place."

    However, nowadays the Wall Of Glass singer sticks to long walks with his dog Buttons, since he's had to have hip surgery.

    Liam Gallagher On Running

  2. Serge Pizzorno

    The Kasabian frontman is known for being a whizz around the football pitch and in fact goes down in history for scoring one of the best goals on Soccer AM and for his "wonder goal" at Soccer Aid 2012.

    [HD] Sergio Pizzorno's Stunning "Wonder Goal" During Soccer Aid 2012 at Old Trafford [HD]

    Asked to choose between the two, the ALYGATYR singer, who previously told Radio X his Soccer AM goal "haunts" him, later revealed which of the wonder goals he prefers out of the two

    Asked by The Guardian which was his favourite, Pizzorno replied: "With the Soccer AM one I’d been up all night, I was hanging. If I was sober I’d never have even tried it.

    "But the [Soccer Aid] one … not only is it a great goal, but for five minutes after scoring it, I’ve never been more off my nut in my life. As a pure sledgehammer hit of adrenaline, it was insane. God knows what it would be like to score in a World Cup.”

  3. Rod Stewart

    Rod The Mod almost became a pro footballer at one point, having trials for Brentford. The blues won out, however… although he’s still a personality in the soccer world, as this infamous clip shows.

    When Rod Stewart conducted the Scottish Cup draw

  4. Johnny Marr

    The legendary guitarist had trials for Nottingham Forest and Manchester City until Morrissey came along.

    Johnny Marr talks all things Manchester City

  5. Tom Grennan

    The young singer songwriter told us: “I played for Luton Town, which was wicked. And then I went off to Stevenage for a while and was managed by Luther Blissett. He ended up kicking me out!”

    Tom Grennan & Football

    Grennan is also a keen gym-goer and has made appearances at Soccer Aid.

  6. Tom Smith

    The Editors frontman - together with bassist Russell Leetch - ran the London Marathon in 2011 with a time of 4 hours and 15 minutes.

    Tom Smith performing with Editors at Y Not Festival, 2016
    Tom Smith performing with Editors at Y Not Festival, 2016. Picture: Alex Williams / Alamy Stock Photo
  7. Robert Smith

    The Cure frontman is a fan of Queens Park Rangers, and was a winger for Wasps (Three Bridges) when he was at school. He traded it in for a life of punk rock, gloom and make-up.

    Robert Smith in 1985: note the trainers
    Robert Smith in 1985: note the trainers. Picture: dpa picture alliance / Alamy Stock Photo
  8. Bruce Dickinson

    The Iron Maiden singer is a well-known fencing champ.

    Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden fencing Norwegian Olympic silver medal winning Bartosz Piasecki

  9. Win Butler

    The Arcade Fire frontman loves a bit of slam dunkin’ in his spare time.

    Win Butler - Surprisingly good at Basketball

  10. James Bay

    James Bay at Soccer Aid 2021
    James Bay at Soccer Aid 2021. Picture: James Gill - Danehouse/Getty Images

    The singer-songwriter put his lithe frame to use at Soccer Aid 2021. Let's hope he didn't get any... ahem... Scars.

  11. Alice Cooper

    The Lord of Dark Glam Rock is a well-known fan of the golf course,

    Alice Cooper - golf addict

  12. Bob Marley

    The reggae legend was a keen footballer and would play while recording, touring and relaxing. However, the story that he died from cancer caused by an injury caused while playing the sport isn't true.

    Bob Marley playing football [FOOTAGE]

  13. Yungblud

    Yungblud Soccer Aid For Unicef 2021
    Yungblud Soccer Aid For Unicef 2021. Picture: James Gill - Danehouse/Getty Images

    When the Doncaster pop rocker - whose real name is Dominic Harrison - isn't jumping around on stage, it turns out he's quite keen on football too, making a successful appearance in Soccer Aid 2021.