VIDEO: Gerry Cinnamon's Discoland Samples These Happy Hardcore Tunes...

26 September 2018, 17:25 | Updated: 3 September 2019, 12:20

Radio X delves into the sound behind the Scottish singer-songwriter's banger.

Gerry Cinnamon has taken the live music scene by storm, bringing his honest and thoughtful songs to life on stages across the UK.

The Scottish singer-songwriter, who's known for his grassroots beginnings and his phenomenal fanbase, has now revealed the inspiration behind one of his live favourites, saying his Discoland anthem samples three happy hardcore tunes.

Taking to Twitter, the Belter singer revealed: "Wonderful Days/Discoland/I wanna be a hippy on the loop pedal.

"Used to play this on guitar for a laugh when I was fleeing. Tried it with the loop pedal at a gig one time and the roof nearly came down. Been playing it ever since. Don’t have a choice. You can hear folk chanting it in the street hours before doors."

And just in case you're unsure what happy hardcore is and what makes it different from just hardcore rave, it's very fast, hard genre of dance music which is often coupled with upbeat or sentimental lyrics, which give it a happy sound.

See if you can hear the genre in his track above.

Watch the videos of the songs he's sampled here:

  1. Technohead - I Wanna Be A Hippy

    Technohead - I Wanna Be A Hippy (official music video)

    The British electronic outfit's track was first released in early 1995 on the Dutch hardcore techno label Mokum Records.

    In 1996 Technohead performed the song twice on Top of the Pops, and in the same year The Smurfs released a parody version of the track called I've Got a Little Puppy, which featured on their album The Smurfs Go Pop.

    What a time to be alive.

  2. Charly Lownoize ft. Mental Theo - Wonderful Days

    Charly Lownoise ft. Mental Theo - Wonderful Days

    This track from the Dutch duo, which was featured on the 1995 Charlottenburg album, also samples Help Get Me Some Help by Tony Ronald.

  3. Flip & Fill - Discoland

    Flip & Fill - Discoland

    The Manchester dance duo Graham Turner and Mark Hall's 2004 track features the vocals of Karen Parry.

Talking about how the tracks was on his one of his sister's happy hardcore tapes, which also included an Oasis anthem, the Glasgow rocker explained: "Was on a tape with Champagne Supernova, I wanna be a hippy and a tune called Fred West is dead. I can still hear the waves from the start of Champagne Supernova.

"Can still see the wee 4 inch speakers it was coming out of and the square telly with the circle arial on top behind it. I mind the sound of the waves. Can still feel the feeling it gave me. Can still see the beach scene with the water washing onto pebbles that it created in my tiny mind. Wonderful Days and Champagne Supernova took me to another place that day when I must’ve needed somewhere to go. I think about it now and again. Mad patter."

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