Pete Townshend promises more shows from The Who

27 June 2024, 11:46

The Who performing live in July 2023
The Who performing live in July 2023. Picture: Jason Richardson / Alamy Live News

The star has claimed that he'd be happy to continue playing live, but that he doesn't want to cash in on any more "farewell" shows.

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Pete Townshend has told fans they can expect to see The Who play more shows in the future, claiming that the legendary band will only end "when wither Roger or I drop dead".

Speaking to the Times in January of this year, Townshend's colleague Roger Daltrey said of the veteran band's ongoing career: "We need to sit down and have a meeting, but at the moment I’m happy saying that part of my life is over."

But asked this week by the NME if there will be any further Who gigs in the future, Townshend said: "I’m pretty sure there will," but he added: "What I would prefer was that the band adjusted itself to the audience that wants to see it, rather than just saying ‘We need to fill arenas in order to go home with enough money to make the whole thing worthwhile’."

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He went on: "When we started the last US tour the year before last, some of the seats were not filled. An easy way to fill seats is to say ‘We’re not coming back’ or ‘This could be the last set of shows’."

Roger Daltrey has announced he's stepping back from his role at the Teenage Cancer Trust after 24 years, but the singer is currently on a solo tour of North America.

Townshend admitted that the band had kept going because their tours continued to be successful. He said: "Roger and I had a decision to make as to whether or not we would try to keep the flame burning, the brand going, when he died, and we were about to do a tour so we decided to do it. And that tour worked out to be quite successful.”

The guitarist and songwriter added: "A lot of the time when we’re on the stage together, it’s not all that comfortable and you can see that.

"The story of the end of The Who is gonna be when either Roger or I drop dead or can’t function anymore on the stage."