The Killers in Middlesbrough: Stage times, support acts and more

1 June 2022, 08:00 | Updated: 1 June 2022, 22:11

The Killers' Brandon Flowers at St Mary's Stadium in Southampton
The Killers are continuing to impress on their UK stadium dates. Picture: Rob Loud

By Jenny Mensah

Brandon Flowers and co are set to play The Riverside Stadium on Wednesday 1st June. Find out who's supporting, when doors open and get the stage times here.

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The Killers are continuing their throng of UK stadium dates this with a show at The Riverside Stadium in Middlesbrough on Wednesday 1st June.

After epic sets in Doncaster, Bristol, Coventry and Southampton, Brandon Flowers and co are headed to yet another football ground, this time back up in the north.

Find out everything we know about their Middlesbrough gig so far including who's supporting, what the stage times are and how to get there.

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Who's supporting The Killers in Middlesbrough?

Manic Street Preachers are supporting The Killers at The Riverside Stadium.

Manic Street Preachers
Manic Street Preachers are supporting The Killers on another date . Picture: Columbia Records/Press

What are The Killers' Middlesbrough stage times?

2:30pm Fan village opens to all ticket holders

5.30pm Stadium bowl opens

10.30pm Show ends

The stage times for The Killers are yet to be confirmed on Riverside's socials or website, but we'll update this as soon as we know more. Until then you can follow the general rule of thumb from their previous shows, where support kicks off from around 7pm and The Killers are on around 8.45, but get there in plenty of time just in case!

How do I get to Riverside Stadium?

You can get to The Riverside Stadium by car, bus, train and taxi.

If driving by car, follow the Riverside Stadium signs and use the following roads depending on your location:

  • From the North: A1, A689, A19, then A66 towards Middlesbrough
  • From the South: A19, then A66 towards Middlesbrough
  • From the East: A171 or A174, then A66 towards Middlesbrough
  • From the West: se the A66 towards Middlesbrough

The nearest train station is Middlesbrough, which is a 15-20 mins walk to the stadium.

The nearest central bus station is Middlesbrough, but there are currently no direct bus serves to the stadium.

Find out more at Riverside's FAQs for the gig.

Is there parking at Riverside stadium?

No, the stadium's official website says there not be any parking available at the stadium itself, but blue badge holders can obtain a parking permit to park as close to the stadium as possible.

There are also car parks available in the town centre.

See the Riverside FAQs for more information.

Are there still tickets for The Killers' Middlesbrough gig?

There are a small amount of tickets still on sale at

What will The Killers play?

The band will no doubt play tracks from across their career as well as their last two albums Imploding The Mirage and Pressure Machine. They've recently changed up their setlist and moved Mr. Brightside at the end of their set, so it could go either way.

See The Killers' Southampton setlist at St Mary's Stadium for an idea of what they'll play:

1. My Own Soul's Warning

2. Enterlude

3. When You Were Young

4. Jenny Was a Friend of Mine

5. Smile Like You Mean It

6. Shot at the Night

7. Running Towards a Place

8. Human (electro)

9. Somebody Told Me

10. Fire in Bone

11. Shadowplay (Joy Division)

12. In the Car Outside

13. Runaway Horses

14. For Reasons Unknown

15. A Dustland Fairytale

16. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

17. Runaways

18. Read My Mind

19. Dying Breed

20. All These Things That I've Done

21. Caution (Intro-ed by Rut segue)


22. Spaceman

23. Mr. Brightside (50/50 version)

What's the weather for The Killers in Middlesbrough?

According to the Met Office, tomorrow will see highs of 15 and lows of 8 degrees. There will be a 50% chance of rain around 10am, but it should be dry for the gig itself.

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Where else are The Killers playing?

  • 3rd June - London Emirates Stadium
  • 4th June - London Emirates Stadium
  • 6th June - Falkirk Stadium
  • 7th June - Falkirk Stadium
  • 9th - Norwich Carrow Road Stadium
  • 11th June - Manchester Emirates Old Trafford Stadium
  • 14th June - Dublin Malahide Castle
  • 15th June -Dublin Malahide Castle

Get the full FAQs for The Killers at Riverside Stadium here.

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