Royal Blood reveal how they're coping without playing gigs: "You've got to f**king crack on."

27 September 2020, 10:30

Royal Blood talk to Johnny Vaughan about their new single

The Brighton duo spoke to Johnny Vaughan and the 4-7 Thang about their new Trouble's Coming single and revealed how they are handling not playing live performances.

Royal Blood released their Trouble's Coming single this Thursday (24 September) and spoke to Johnny Vaughan about everything from the influences in the track to missing live gigs.

The Brighton duo - who comprise of vocalist and bassist Mike Kerr and drummer Ben Thatcher - are known for their epic live performances and have given us some insight into how they are coping without playing them.

Asked by Radio X's Johnny Vaughan if they have any plans to play gigs, Kerr replied: "There isn't really much of a plan until we get some kind of a green light. It's not enjoyable, not having that aspect in our lives. That's kind of the premise of the band, we're a live band and we pride ourselves in that. But you've got to f**king crack on."

Despite not being able to perform their new music, the band hope their new track can provoke a visceral response for their fans indoors.

"We're really excited to bring a song out of this nature at a time when music's become really important for people's wellbeing," mused the singer. "Hopefully we can start some very small, but very insane house parties!"

Watch their full interview with Johnny Vaughan above.

Listen to Trouble's Coming here:

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Speaking more about Trouble's Coming, which marks their first official release since 2017, Kerr revealed: "This track features all of our influences. Before, we were hand-selecting what would fit into our world... While this was more like, what if we don't censor anything that we like and allow all of it to reveal itself?

"Suddenly, it was like it was all in colour for the first time. Music-making in colour. That's just come out of confidence, really. Once we allowed all of our catalogue of music to flow through us, it felt liberating. It felt like we were breaking our own rules, rather than rules that were kind of set upon us."

He added: "It came out of a hunger to want to do something new, to be honest with you. We'd got the point where we'd mastered this thing that we were good at and it was about finding something fresh and different, but without destroying our chemistry and without doing something that wasn't authentic to who we are."

However, if you're hoping to find out the name of their third studio album, you've got another thing coming.

"For legal, contractual and emotional reasons, no-one's allowed to tell anyone ever... not yet, anyway," joked the Figure It Out singer.

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The new release comes after the outfit teased a mysterious announcement last week.

Taking to social media, the band shared an image of a car which brandished ROYAL on its number plate alongside the caption: "24.09".

This week then saw them announce the song's title and share its artwork, along with the link to pre-order it as a 7" single.

Back in the summer of 2019, the duo debuted two new songs called Boilermaker and King during their live shows, but Trouble's Coming marks the first official Royal Blood material for three years.

In March 2020, the duo posted a message on Instagram stating that they were to spend five weeks in the studio in isolation recording their new album.

The outfit's mysteriously titled third record will follow 2014's self-titled debut and 2017's How Did We Get So Dark?

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