Bonehead shares further update on cancer treatment: "It's into recovery mode"

25 June 2022, 11:16

Paul Arthurs AKA Bonehead performs with Liam Gallagher at Manchester Arena on November 20, 2019
Paul Arthurs AKA Bonehead performs with Liam Gallagher at Manchester Arena on November 20, 2019. Picture: WENN Rights Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo

The Oasis guitarist is undergoing treatment for tonsil cancer.

Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs has shared a further update on his treatment for tonsil cancer.

The former Oasis guitarist revealed the diagnosis back in April and has since been treated at the Manchester hospital the Christie.

Bonehead tweeted: "Today I finished my course of treatment, 30 radiotherapy sessions and two chemotherapy. I'm feeling the pain right now, but I'm in recovery and things can only get better from here."

"I can't thank the team who supported and treated me at The Christie enough. Doctors, Radiographers, dieticians, speech and language. You all really made it so much easier. I'll forever look back at what you all do with a hand on my heart. Thank you massively.

"I'm back for a scan end of September to check all's well, but for now it's into recovery mode, couple of tough weeks ahead yet but I'll get there.

"Thanks again for all your messages, there's so many each day and I read them all, they mean a lot so thank you for that."

The musician has been touring as part of Liam Gallagher's solo band and had to miss the huge Knebworth shows the Oasis frontman played at the beginning of June.

The latest stop on Liam's tour was at Belsonic Festival on Friday night (24th June), so Bonehead added: "Anyone in Belfast tonight, enjoy the gig. I hope it doesn't rain."

Radio X sends Bonehead our very best wishes!


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