WATCH: Noel Gallagher reveals why he had to poo in an egg box

5 August 2019, 17:16 | Updated: 5 August 2019, 17:27

The former Oasis rocker and This Is The Place singer told Radio X's Gordon Smart and Matt Morgan what led to the hilarious event.

Noel Gallagher has detailed the circumstances which led to him pooing in an egg box.

The former Oasis rocker came into Radio X to talk to Gordon Smart and his pal Matt Morgan about his new This Is The Place single and EP, but somehow he was urged to explain one of his most bizarre stories yet.

Asked about the bizarre event, and told it which led him to defecate in a container, he explained: "... I was ill at the time and the doctor [...] needed a sample and I was too ill. I think I was too ill to go there and they said 'we'll send the thing round,' and it looked like an egg box."

However, Matt Morgan stepped in to refresh his memory: "[Noel's] management were in charge of it and they said, 'we're going to send a car and you've got to do a sample and it will come back to the office' but it was just a normal cab.

He added: "So he basically did a number two in an egg box and then gave it to this driver and said, take this to Ignition Management'".

Gallagher joked: "They thought that I was terminating my contract!"

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Noel Gallagher
Noel Gallagher. Picture: Press/ Sharon Latham

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Meanwhile, Noel today has unveiled new music in his This Is The Place single and its EP of the same name, which is set for release for 27 September.

The former Oasis legend has recorded three brand new songs for the five-track EP, including the title track, A Dream Is All I Need To Get By and Evil Flower - along with two remixes.

The new songs feature female backing vocalists and offer Noel’s nod to classic psychedelic music of the late 1960s.

Listen to it here:

This Is The Place follows the release of the Black Star Dancing EP back in May.

The EP is available to pre-order now from

Get the track-listing for Noel Gallagher's This Is The Place EP:

This Is The Place

A Dream Is All I Need To Get By

Evil Flower

This Is The Place (Dense & Pika Remix)

Evil Flower (The Reflex Revision)

Earlier this year, Noel told Radio X that the second EP will be “a very Mancunian-sounding record”.

He explained: “I can see guys in anoraks, nodding their heads moodily to it, while checking out each other’s Adidas trainers, [saying] ‘Where you got those from?'"

The title of the lead track comes from the poem This Is The Place, written by Tony Walsh in the aftermath of the bomb attack on Manchester Arena in May 2017.

Watch Noel Gallagher talk about his new EP here:

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