Liam Gallagher teases "celestial announcement" on Monday

8 November 2020, 13:00

Liam Gallagher
Liam Gallagher. Picture: Press

The former Oasis rocker told his fans to keep their eyes peeled for an announcement on Monday.

Liam Gallagher has confirmed he'll be making an announcement at the start of next week.

The former Oasis frontman took to Twitter to tell his 3.4 million-strong followers: "Brothers n sisters keep your eyes pealed and your ears open I have a celestial announcement to make on Monday c’mon you know LG x".

The tweet got fans very excited with some guessing it was "new music," while others speculated about an Oasis reunion.

Some of course were less hopeful of Liam and his estranged brother Noel making up than others.

However, others hoped for a new live date to be scheduled for next year.

Gallagher's latest tweet comes after he appeared to tease fans with an audio note this week, leading some to believe it was a snippet of new music.

However, a quick play of the three-second clip revealed it to be a very simple: "psst".

Despite the clip not saying much of anything, it certainly got the attention of his followers who were disappointed it wasn't something more.

His friend and former Oasis bandmate Bonehead saw the funny side however, commenting: "Tune".

Most importantly, when asked when they'd hear about his new material, Gallagher told one fan to be "patient" and assured another that he would have an announcement before the end of the year.

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While Liam might not be ready to release his own music just yet, he's had a few choice words for his brother's own endeavours.

Last week saw Noel Gallagher share Not Over Yet, his new collaboration with the British DJ and production duo CamelPhat.

Responding to the electro track, Liam simply wrote: "HORSES***".

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