Liam Gallagher to perform Oasis album Definitely Maybe in full for 30th anniversary

11 May 2023, 16:28 | Updated: 11 May 2023, 16:30

Liam Gallagher with a photo of Definitely Maybe inset
Liam Gallagher has shared his plans to perform Definitely Maybe. Picture: Francesco Prandoni/Getty Images

The former Oasis frontman has said he will play the band's debut album in full in "a few biblical" venues to mark 30 years since its released.

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Liam Gallagher has shared his plans to mark 30 years of Definitely Maybe.

The seminal Oasis album, which was released on 24th August 1994, will celebrate it's 30th anniversary next year and the former frontman told fans he plans to play the album in full.

Taking to Twitter, the Supersonic rocker revealed: "As it’s 30 years since DM was released nxt year I’m gonna be playing the album from start to finish in it’s original order at a few BIBLICAL venues LG x"

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Fans were of course thrilled to hear the news, with one writing: "that's fantastic news!"

Another asked: "Will you play @BoneheadsPage Bank holiday as a bonus track? Maybe one of the gigs will be on a bank holiday!? Buzzing for this!"

If the gigs do take place, one person who's sure to be right there with the rocker is the band's original rhythm guitarist Paul 'Bonehead' Arthurs.

In fact, he was asked on Radio X's special Bonehead's Bank Holiday Show what he thought about the prospect of Oasis reuniting to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the band and he said he was "ready".

The musician, who was with the group since their foundation until he left in August 1999, pondered: "Realistically? I don't know. Liam's got his solo career. As has Noel. I don't know, you're asking the wrong person. But I'd love to see it."

He went on: "Some days you wake up and think Nah, there's no need for it. It's been done. But when I'm on stage with Liam Gallagher as a solo artist, and I come out and we play Rock 'N' Roll Star and the place erupts. People are bouncing higher and harder than they did at some of the gigs back in the day."

"I look at that first ten rows when I'm playing an arena with Liam, and they're like 16 or 17 years of age. These people weren't even born until well into Oasis' career.

"So if there was a reunion, wouldn't it be worth it for them? To come and witness that band? In that sense it would be worth just one gig next year for those kids at the front, who are jumping and bouncing at Liam's gigs."

Bonehead joked: "You hear that Liam? You hear that Noel?"

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